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Setting up an E-commerce platform for US-based Materials Packaging Specialist


About Client

The client is a giant of the US packaging industry and approached us with a vision to get an E-commerce website that can efficiently portray and market their huge product catalog by embracing expertise of Brainvire

About Product

An E-commerce website based on the community edition of Magento will serve the customers with hassle-free shopping experience of custom packaging materials. The website will aid the customers to choose from flexographic printing, litho-mounting, die cutting, specialty gluing, embossing, and packaging design.

How we did it ?


Custom Box Designing

Users design their box themselves. They decide the colors, shapes, size, and other parameters. Customized designing of the box can give users the freedom to get exactly what they want.

Save the design & generate the quote

Saving the design of the final image can give users time to change or edit the design before placing the final order. Users can also save the image to generate quotes for that particular design.

Integration with knockout.js

It’s a difficult task to integrate various canvas and javascript with Magento’s in-built knockout.js and Brainvire has pulled it off. This portal integrates three.js, jCanvas and fabric.js with knockout.js for better results.

3D images for easy customization

3D view of the box will engage users and give them a chance to view the final product before placing the order. With this view, you can view and edit the colors, text, prints, etc of the boxes to be ordered.

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