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Simplifying the Experience of Classroom Learning & Boardroom Presentations

Brainvire collaborated with the client to touch new dimensions of the business by coming up with more empowering, cutting edge digital solutions.

About Client

The client is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Information & Communication Technology and Pioneering Audio Visual (AV) products. They are excelling in Hospitality, Education, Government, and Corporate sector requirements by championing the use of Interactive Touch Technology. The client offers various innovative products like Interactive LED displays, Portable Visual Scanners, Interactive Whiteboards, Multimedia and Laser Projects, and Point of Sale solutions.

About Product

The software is an interactive multi-touch display software that is used to collaborate, present, contribute, and connect each other from their own devices. It is used as presentation system that assists in connected and collaborated environment through whiteboard and sharing features. Brainvire teamed up to shape the desired frame of application development that runs on the majority of the platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Linux (All versions), and ChromeOS.

How we did it ?


Elimination of 3rd party application

The client now has its own whiteboard application which gives unique and full-fledged presentation experience to its users.

Improved Customer Base

Because of a wide variety of annotation tools and collaboration tools, more organisations are now opting for interactive whiteboards.

Increased ROI

The application is now widely used in classrooms for student-teacher interaction, in corporate offices for meetings and presentation or in any interactive session which houses a large group of audience.

Business spread across countries

Because of multilingual, cross-platform and multi-touch features, the client witnessed the significant increase in global business presence.

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