Brainvire will Implement DevOps Practices in SugarCRM for a Leader in Micro Motion Solutions Provider

15th May 2019 Utah, USA

A leader in micro motion solutions has partnered with Brainvire to redesign the deployment process of its SugarCRM modules and adopt DevOps in its business. It will ensure a bug-free deployment of client's customized CRM modules directly onto the AWS server and improve the overall efficiency.

Releasing software isn't an art, but it is an engineering discipline. Continuous or automated deployment helps to identify coding defects earlier in the development process and also fixes them automatically. With over 50 years of expertise in manufacturing DC motors, encoders and gearhead systems, the client has built a huge customer base. Automating the customization of CRM modules will help them to deliver excellence to their end customers.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO-Founder of Brainvire, expresses his views on the project, "The demands of modern consumers are dynamic in nature and CRM should be customized to adapt to such changes. Using a continuous deployment model for CRM customization can help businesses with 100% bug-free deployment of the customized modules."

The domain of micro motion solutions is quite expansive. The delivery of these products involves providing in-field assistance to customers for choosing the correct component and system for unique motion control needs. SugarCRM is equipped to streamline the interactions between sales representatives and clients. "Our team is proficient in handling the framework of SugarCRM. We aim to improve the client's work efficiency post completion of this project," Mr. Shah added.

Jenkins Continuous Deployment Will Automate CRM Customizations Brainvire has chosen the Jenkins architecture to meet the requirements of this project. It will aid the client to release the CRM modules on production servers continuously in an automated fashion. The process will mainly consist of the following steps:

  • The code passes through all the stages of compilation and testing, while the application is packaged continuously.
  • Deployment onto the test servers to perform user acceptance tests.
  • The software will be deployed onto the production servers for release.

The implementation of DevOps practices will improve the ROI of the client to a great extent.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is emerging as a market leader by offering cutting-edge DevOps and CRM solutions to business leaders. With over 18 years of experience and more than 550 employees, it strives to create an appealing online presence in the market. Having successfully delivered over 1500 projects to its global clientele, Brainvire has a 95% customer retention rate. Brainvire offers exclusive consultancy services such as CRM for E-commerce, DevOps, Amazon Web Services, etc. for diverse industry verticals while keeping customer satisfaction as its top priority.

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