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About Client

The New York-based client operates the wholesale and retail business of the clothes through an array of physical stores. The stores are well-known in the America for the new arrivals and modern trends it adapts as the market changes alongside handsome deals.

Business Challenges

The client has observed that going customers’ way is the way to skyrocket sales and revenue, and that’s the online way. Also, he analyzed that there is no such Ecommerce store exists where the best daily deals across the USA for restaurants, products, events or services can be easily found by the people. He came up with an idea of building a B2B and B2C eCommerce store that provides great deals to customers for all the products.


The Magento marketplace was built for daily deals where sellers can put upon their products along with the deals to display and sell the products to a huge audience, where customers get attracted with the unbelievable deals.


  • Various products are divided into the categories
  • Deals for various products can be created
  • Deals are also categorized as upcoming deal, today’s deal and deals ending today
  • Product detail page displays the product’s image, price, discount, and discount’s expiry date
  • When the deals are expired, they are auto-hidden
  • Product images or the deals’ expiry date can be changed anytime
  • With unique SKU, products’ quantity can be updated in the bulk
  • Shipping charges are randomly generated based on the address entered
  • Chat feature allows the customers to connect with customer support 24/7
  • End users can also request the admin to get registered and sell the products on the store
  • Order status can be easily viewed and traced
  • The products to prioritize can be displayed in the events


For the project, the team has to create a multi-vendor system; allow multiple sellers to sell the same products with different SKU, and price; auto-compare the multiple sellers products’ price and display the product with least price at the top of the website; implementing event functionality where a specific set of products can be displayed. Implementation of all these features was quite a task for the team, which were resolved by creating the custom extension and functions.


  • The traffic volume is high because users are eager to check the deals once a day
  • High discounts improve the sales ticket size
  • The marketplace gained high popularity due to the unique deals concept
  • The Ecommerce enjoys the virtue of over 1 million customers and 2 billion revenue every year