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The Future of Internet of Medical Things: A Mobile App for Evaluating Hearing Abilities in Real Time!

Since its inception, Brainvire has always gone a step further to explore the trending technologies and shape up innovative solutions. Having witnessed this potential, an old client has knocked the doors of Brainvire for an advanced hearing aid mobile app. The client, based in US, is a prominent provider of hearing aid solutions and has made a significant difference in the lives of its patients.

Getting your hearing tested is not always an easy task! At times, the nearest clinic might be miles away but a fluctuation in hearing abilities is matter of serious concern. Moreover, such diagnostic procedures require a prior appointment to be taken and are quite expensive. Mobile technology takes care of such requirements, for free.

The native mobile app, to be developed for the Android and iOS platforms, will help the users to evaluate their hearing abilities under different simulated parameters. Factors like calibration, device and noise issues, etc. will be taken care of during the development of this application. Apart from this, a dedicated backend will be built for the admin, using laravel development service.

Speaking on the development and future scope of this app, the CEO of Brainvire InfoTech Inc., Mr. Chintan Shahshares his thoughts, "Being the pioneers of Android application development company, Brainvire has always pushed the limits and kept up the pace with the advancements in technology. With a futuristic approach, this mobile app will provide the layman a means for self-evaluation of their hearing abilities. Also, integration with IoT in the near future will broaden the scope of such applications.".

Self Evaluation of Hearing Abilities Simplified!

Post development, the mobile app will reflect a best in-class user interface with following features -

  • Feature rich dashboard to simulate the tests and view progress.
  • Test hearing abilities under different sets of frequencies and noise intensities. The parameters change at an interval of 3 seconds.
  • A detailed graphical report will be generated at the end of each test and indicate a hearing score.
  • It also consists of a 'Contact Clinic' form that can be used to connect directly with the nearest clinics along with the test reports.

Future Scope:

IoT integration will result in a much more personalized experience for the users and also enhance the usability of the app.

About Brainvire

With a legacy of 18+ years in the IT industry, Brainvire has spearheaded multiple illustrious projects with global business leaders. Its niche includes, but is not limited to, mobile application development, IoT, blockchain, cloud computing, etc.

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