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About Client

Our client based in Singapore is a leading technology entrepreneur and successfully runs a digital solution provider company that helps businesses in sales preparation, marketing campaigns creation, and credit and finance management. Besides, the client strives to assist and aid the retailers with innovative technology solutions.

Business Challenges

The client has analyzed that brick-and-mortar stores in the Singapore, be it a retail store, cafes, bars or restaurants were unable to easily inform the customers about the discounts/offers they were offering, even when the customers are passing by the stores. Although the billboards or templates they use, but these medium were not enough to catch the customers’ attention. Also, every retailer was not capable of building the mobile application to send the discount messages to the customers.
He came up with an idea of building an iBeacon mobile application where all the physical stores will set up the iBeacon in their store and able to shoot the relevant message when the customer passes by the store.


A location aware app was developed that allow retailers to send notifications based upon user’s current location. When the users come in the proximity of the Beacons, automatically a push notification is sent to them as the iBeacon app constantly tracks the users’ location.
The app will run in the background and won’t disturb the users to use other apps in the foreground and subsequently alert the users with push notifications.
Additionally, using GPS services and data network, the users’ current location is traced and based on that the users will receive the notifications even from the distant stores that are offering some discount or have something new in the stock.


  • Push Notifications are the contextual advertisements as text, image or web URLs
  • Users’ geographical location is identified based on the latitude and longitude of the mobile device
  • Advanced Beacons technology Integration which works on Bluetooth 4.0
  • System can handle simultaneous sending of the millions of the notifications to the users
  • Continuously track users’ location with minimal impact on mobile battery
  • Users can open the app to browse all the notifications
  • The message is triggered in the real-time with no delay


Implementing the functionality where the users will get the message even when they are away from the store require the GPS services to track the users’ location and constantly update the same to the server, which in turn raise the battery drainage problem.
The team has leveraged GPS services and data network together where the GPS service upgrade the location to the server only when the mobile network identifies a significant variation in the distance. This way the app will not drain the mobile battery much.


  • Customers can be easily informed about the discount/offers
  • Grabbing the passers-by attention becomes handy
  • The physical stores’ traffic volume and sales get accelerated
  • Making the distant customers step inside the store become easier
  • Brick-and-mortar stores get an edge by going digital
  • Customers can get the messages in real-time at the fingertips
  • Customer experience and engagement get uplifted