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About Client

Our Dubai based client owns the pioneer telecom group company in the USA that provides cost-effective and secure audio/video/data communication solutions to the terrestrial fiber optic and satellites of the military and government entities. The company is aimed to serve the markets that have limited access to the high-speed connection with having several offices in Africa, Europe, Middle East, West Asia and North America.

Business Challenges

The company is having worldwide presence across several nations where the number of orders is placed for different types of the connection and services. The inventory having products, orders and customers’ data of all the offices that are separately maintained.

There was no consolidated software or system in place using which the company would get a single view of all the sales, orders and customers’ data of various branches. Also, managing the inventory manually was quite a task.

The client partnered with the Brainvire team to build a POS solution for the inventory that helps in easy barcode, products, orders and refund management.


The custom POS solution was developed that manages all the stores, warehouse and customers information hassle-free.


  • In the stores, various user roles are defined like- cashier and manager to manage the discount percentage
  • Enable customers to pay via cash, star card, eagle cash and PayPal
  • All the products can be managed at ease
  • The products transported from the warehouse to the multiple stores are managed
  • Purchase order management
  • Different types of discount are provided during checkout
  • Warehouse and stores can track the order status
  • Customers’ record management
  • Cash-in and cash-out can be manually changed
  • Manage the cash present in the cash drawer virtually
  • Emails are sent to the customers during checkout or refund
  • Comprehensive reports can be generated daily and weekly
  • Barcode scanner and printer integration
  • Barcode information is stored
  • Store staff management
  • Stores can get the list of all the orders placed in last 30 days
  • Product return management
  • Different sections for refund- damaged order and return to stock are maintained


  • Speed optimization, improved the checkout speed
  • Smooth checkout enhanced customer experience
  • Various discounts, increase the upsell
  • Zero down the errors in the inventory or chances of theft
  • Provide smart insights about customers’ buying behavior
  • Company can take intelligent decisions to uplift the revenue
  • The sales of the store boosted up to ‘1 lakh dollar’ in the first seven days

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