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About Client

The client is a leading retailer of the diverse range of Indian food items, but the primary focus is on Gujarati items. The customers from different regions approach the store to get the taste of original Gujarati food items. The retailer has many franchises in the Gujarat that has a turnover of more than 10 million in total.

Business Challenges

People grow up and move ahead in the life to establish their career, but the foodgasm of the native origin leaves behind. Getting the same sweets, pickles, spices, chikki, khakhra and pretty more that’s especially found in the particular states of India, was not possible. The client many times found that people approach the store to get the food items of the native place.
The reason is food items are available at remote places and people won’t travel to the cities just to get the food item. Moreover, standing in the long queue, crossing the chaotic traffic and carrying the big baggage are intolerable. Alas! The people simply crave for the food they are looking for.
Being from a technical background, the client came up with a great idea to create an online marketplace where the vendors from the different parts of India can easily sell the legendary foods to the people who want the original taste of the native food.


The Magento food marketplace was developed to connect the vendors across India with the people who were searching for the food products of their native origin. Vendors can easily display and sell the food products to the customers, and customers can view, and buy the food items online.


  • The online marketplace integration
  • Customers can search for the foods by CITY or SELLER
  • Aramex Shipping integration to enable seamless shipping of the products
  • Customers can pay online with atom payment gateway integration
  • Customers are able to ask the questions that any vendor can answer
  • Online chat enables direct communication between customers and vendors
  • One-step checkout integration
  • Vendors can display the food items only after the approval of the admin
  • Different types of notifications are sent to the customers with customization in Magento
  • Customer support manages the disputes raised by the customers
  • Customers can return the products if they are unhygienic, open, or poor in quality
  • In return policy, damaged product is not collected back, while new product is provided


  • Helping the people to get the legendary food taste in a few clicks
  • It becomes handy to buy the food from the vendors of various parts of India
  • No hassle of standing in long lines, following timings or facing the out-of-the-stock issue
  • Mouth-watering food items get delivered right to the doorstep
  • Enhanced the vendors’ customers, sales, and ROI