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About Client

The client is an award-winning renowned speaker based in the USA and provides exclusive training sessions on varied topics such as professional networking, social media networking, etc. The client’s unique ability to deliver an appealing and inspiring speech in the marketing programs become the reason to call her to speak in the global seminars or leading stages. Alongside, her programs, workshops, and training are featured on the world’s famous channels and magazines.

Business Challenges

To widen the approach and let the huge audience knows about speaker’s skills and showcase the same on an online platform, the client needed a robust website that makes the user experience as straightforward and logical as possible. Also, the UI and the web app functionalities must meet the business objective was the primary requirement. There the Brainvire team helped them to turn their vision into reality with the WordPress website development.


The simple and user-friendly website was designed and developed from where users can easily access the type of training, or webinar the client conduct, and also enable the people to hire the client to speak for the next program.


  • Provide the users the access to the old webinar content
  • Enable users to book the speaker for the next event
  • Speaker’s calendar of events is shown to display the availability
  • Online videos to prepare the people for media interviews
  • Allow the people to connect and get trained in the boot camp to gain media mastery
  • The users can subscribe to the online training and the newsletters
  • Consulting services are also provided on demand


  • The innovative ideas are spread to the worldwide audience
  • Connecting with the users become handy
  • Businesses can easily access the schedule and request the booking accordingly
  • Webinar’s content is read by millions of users
  • The speaker is getting more appointment request, for the events
  • Users can contact the speaker in a few clicks