Things You Should Be Aware Of For Developing Windows 8 Apps With HTML5

The windows 8 app market is booming like never before. There are more than 100,000 apps in the windows 8 app store twice the number of apps that was available prior three months. While far more than 700,000 apps in the Play store and 850,000 iOS apps in the app store and 100,000 apps in the Windows store means there is a very high possibility for Windows 8 App Development. More and more companies are now trying their luck in Windows 8 Application Development as this platform presents a lot more scope for development of applications and apps for varied users.

Now-a-days the focus is on metro style apps that run across everything from desktop to slate and offers fantastic flexibility. There are numerous ways to develop an app but HTML5 is a good place to start the app development. In this article, we will see some of the important things the developers needs to know before developing a Windows 8 app using HTML5.


If you are not sure about the specific device for developing an operating system then you need to make sure about its flexibility after all you don't know whether the user will be viewing the app on a PC or on a tablet. This could be a challenge for developers as they need to consider how their application will look across multiple devices in various orientations. The basic approach for solving this is by using adaptive controls, CSS3 Media Quires and CSS Grids.

Search Contract:

There's lot of common functionality built into Windows 8 that you can take advantage as a developer. You can take advantage of this functionality using Contracts. If you use the search contract then a user will be able to search your app by swiping their finger over the right hand side of the screen and bringing up the search charms. Charms are a set of buttons that are available to the user regardless of what app they have open that provide common functionality. But this doesn't end here as contracts glue everything together and allow people to search within other apps too or across the web.

Share Contract:

When you're looking to add sharing functionality to an app, you need to choose which other services you want to use. You can decide that really you need to let the users share with Facebook or Twitter and then code that in. The share contract is a good functionality to have because if your app is in a share source then it will be able to share specific content types with any app on the system that supports accepting those content types. So one can share an image from an app with any other app that is capable of accepting image files. As a developer you don't need to know what app you are sharing with, you have to just code to a contract and windows 8 becomes the middleware that manages all the sharing.

Default Controls:

A lot of research has been done with Windows 8. All the learning has been bundled up into the default set of controls that are included in the SDK. It means that the developer don't have to face the complexity of learning everything to make their apps more user-friendly. They simply get all the default controls right from the start.

I hope the above points will benefit the developers while developing a Windows 8 app using HTML5. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for Windows 8 Application Development...!

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