Things Every Drupal Developer Needs To Know For Drupal Development

Drupal is a free content management system (CMS) written in PHP and one of the favorite web development platform among the Drupal developer community. Drupal has many advantages for any online business and unlike many modern CMS it allows to create and organize content, customize the presentation or appearance, automate administrative and routine tasks, manage site visitors and contributors.

The businesses are now approaching Drupal Development companies to develop open-source, scalable and customized Drupal web application or a website. But for a Drupal developer it's not at all easy to start the development process, they need to understand some of the basic things before actually begin with the development of a website of a web application. In this article, we will see what all things the Drupal developers needs to know for a successful Drupal Development.

Here are the answers:

Version Control

This might be a problem if the Drupal developer doesn't wish to use a version control. In today's technological era there is no excuse not to learn the use of version control. While there are some niche tools that still appeal but the undisputed leader in this space is Git. If you're thinking to develop your website without a Git based workflow at the foundation, consider stopping until you get that in place.

Integration Tools

One thing that makes the projects affect is when an unexpected bugs comes up. For the successful execution of the projects and for the sake of developer sanity, you need to ensure that the developers are working with the latest code and up-to-date content and that several different developer's changes are tested on a regular basis.

Online Workspace

Online workspace is very important as it will enable to easily share your project with other team members. If you want to move fast with Drupal development you need both online and local development to carry out the process smoothly and efficiently.

Drush Remotes

The Drupal developers love Drush, a command-line utility for performing several common tasks on a Drupal site without having to actual log-in or use a web browser. To use Drush in an online context, you need to provide SSH access to each of your environment and then configure alias file so that the developers can run Drush commands from their laptops in the online environment.

Power Tools

The modern website performance stack goes well beyond LAMP. You need to make sure that the developers have access to Solr, Redis and can test their work with a reverse-proxy cache like Varnish otherwise the Drupal developers might be missing out on great features and setting themselves up for bugs in deployment.

The above mentioned tools will allow the Drupal developers to collaborate and integrate thereby adding value beyond their direct features. As more and more collaboration on site building and operation goes online having shared real-time workspaces provides more and more value. These kinds of tools and techniques will surely reap many benefits for the Drupal developers to carry out full and fledged Drupal development.

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