Things to Consider during Node.js Web Development to Tackle Performance Issues

The popularity of JavaScript has rapidly increased in a past few years as the need for fast, scalable and highly reliable web applications rises. JavaScript is usually used for improving user experience, interactivity, functionality as well as speed of the web applications. Today there are number of frameworks based on this popular web technology and one among these is Node.js.

Node.js is a popular JavaScript framework used for the development of input-output based applications, the web apps, single page and even the data streaming applications. Its event driven and asynchronous APIs, faster runtime environment and single threaded event mechanism facilitates for creation of highly scalable and faster web applications for the entrepreneurial needs. In the process of Node.js development the website or the web application code is written in JavaScript and executed or run within the Chrome browser runtime. In order to provide the best Node.js web development services, the companies today are practicing the best methods while taking the latest code optimizations into consideration. The performance of a website or web application is truly important once it is built in order to derive the best results from it. Hence, here are a few tips that the web development firms should consider while developing the Node.js based websites or applications for better performance.

  • Avoid Synchronous Code:

As discussed above, Node.js is based on asynchronous and non-blocking APIs. It uses a single threaded model which means that when your code runs longer operations then the thread will be blocked until the operation gets finished and hence, this takes time for next operation to take place. So, if you want to enhance the performance of website or application, never use synchronous code with Node. Always use only asynchronous APIs in your code especially in the performance critical sections.

  • Running Multiple Functions in Parallel:

Sometimes in your Node.js website development process, you may require calling the multiple APIs for fetching various data. In this case take care to make your API calls execute in a parallel fashion instead of one after the other. This will cut down the call execution time and moreover improve the speed of your website or application drastically.

  • Implement the Client Side Rendering Technique:

Today there are client side frameworks which instead of rendering on the server will just expose APIs sending JSON to the client. On the client side, a framework is used to display this JSON on UI. Hence, this saves bandwidth and will improve the speed of the website or applications based on Node.js.

  • Optimize your Code to keep it Small & Light:

Smaller the code better will be the speed of its execution and lesser will be the latency issues. Hence, always keep your Node.js code small and simple to fasten the things. Go for concatenation of multiple javascript files because usually for each JS file your browser has to make a separate HTTP request. This will delay the things and slow down the performance of your website or application. Better way is to keep your website or application really light with lesser number of files and moreover concatenated files.

Hence, by following the above practices in Node.js web development process, developers can ensure to drastically improve the performance of their websites or applications.

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