Things to Know About Symfony Content Management Framework

Symfony is a solid framework offering strong foundation for the development of PHP web projects and applications. The developers of this fantastic framework have once again leveraged their Symfony framework expertise to develop an innovative tool for those looking to encapsulate the content managing functionality into their PHP based applications. This is the Symfony's very own CMF (Content Management Framework). It is a collection of bundles which can be used to impose a common functionality during the development of CMS with Symfony framework. For many deciding between a CMS and framework for the development of their new project is a difficult task as they would require the features of both and this CMF clears this dilemma thereby enabling the developers to build a project based on CMS and framework features.

There can be the situation where you might have chosen to go with the framework, but, then you might want to add CMS features to the project. A lot of time will be consumed this way. While on other hands, think of using CMS. It would be quite difficult to develop a custom application using CMS because it's really hard to customize the core parts of the CMS. So, developers will be fixed into a dilemma whether to use a CMS or framework for the development of their project. Custom Symfony development with CMF will help developers come out of this dilemma as they will be free to encapsulate content management features into applications thereby getting the freedom to build these applications with the custom functionality they desire. This is called decoupled CMS.

The Symfony CMF is a collection of bundles and PHP libraries that provide a way to content management and hence, mitigates the major loophole of using CMS for a project. The traditional CMS systems were much like the monolithic blocks where one required to implement the web framework, templating engine, routing, editing tools and the very same content storage entity as imposed by the system. In a decoupled CMS, there is a separate content repository to manage and store content models, a web framework to generate corresponding web pages by matching URL requests to content and a web editing tool to design interface for management of web page contents. Hence, CMS decoupling mechanism provides one with better opportunities for collaboration of better tools, possibilities for scaling the application, flexibility in implementation and way to get on with multi-channel content authoring.

This content management framework is a boon for the developers who want to add CMS features and functionality to their Symfony based applications. The aim behind the development of CMF was to provide high level of scalability and usability to the Symfony web projects.

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