Brainvire a leading toolbar development company offers exclusive toolbar development services to our global client’s according to their business requirements and needs and also help them search quickly and efficiently without the need for navigating away. We have specialized expertise in the areas of Internet Explorer Toolbar Development, Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) and Plug-Ins Development.

Our team of experts have successfully developed and deployed modest one button toolbars as well as complex toolbar applications that can dynamically format themselves at run-time based on the browsed web page. We render Custom Toolbar Development Services to suit one’s needs. Get smart and feature rich compact add-on custom controls that are implemented within a toolbar, elaborate dropdown menus, scrolling windows, animated buttons, search text boxes, radio controls and much more. We provide toolbar development services for all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer.

Our Toolbar Development Services Include:

Custom Internet Explorer Toolbar Development: Through our extensive research and development over a decade, Brainvire have possessed the requisite skills for Custom IE Toolbar Development. We also excel at development of dynamic toolbars which auto-format themselves based upon a server-side stimulus. These stimuli may have varied forms like remote XML files, scripts, documents or any other generic content permitting the real-time changes to be reflected on the toolbar.

Internet Explorer Plug-In Development: We provide web browser plug-in development to enhance any browser functionalities, user experience and yield better productivity by providing access to personalized content and products. We also design and develop customized IE Plug-Ins by enabling rich online media experience and complex web application functionality with increased security, privacy and reliability of a browser.

Custom Firefox, Firefox Extensions and Firefox Toolbar Development: Firefox is a successful web browser providing user friendly environment, wide spectrum of functionalities and various security features. With the advent and acceptance of Firefox and OS like Mac, compatibility issues are no longer add-ons but necessities. Depending on the needs of our clients, we provide cross-browser and cross-platform compatible applications which offer the user a seamless new experience.

Brainvire has carved a niche in the development of IE and Firefox toolbars. We have recently launched an upgraded version of our popular product “Total Toolbar” with the richest set of advanced features, flexible architecture and seamless integration with custom controls.

Total-toolbar empowers both the general users and the developer community to customize this versatile application as per the business needs and requirements of the clients. Innovative features like dropdown menus, animated buttons, skins, drag and drop files/folders, alerts, plug-ins, API based toolbar options, radio controls, search text boxes, Total Toolbar is compatible with all IE versions including the latest IE 7.0, IE 8.0 and IE 6.0. The basic system requirement for Internet Explorer Toolbar Development is Win 2000/Win 7/XP/Vista with Internet Explorer 5 and above.

Major Benefits of Toolbar Development:

Our Other Development Expertise includes:

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