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Top 3 Essential Features Most People Forget to Incorporate in eCommerce Mobile App

In this modern world, where the smartphones and apps have become more of a necessity than luxury, the field of mCommerce development is advancing each day. The world of eCommerce and mCommerce has transformed the way people do the shopping. The online store owners have realized the importance of mobile applications. Every eCommerce merchant having an online shopping website knows that they must get an eCommerce mobile app built for their store. So, if you are yet to have an app, you must quickly hire the best eCommerce mobile app development company and get an app developed to add wings to your business. However, it is not easy to develop an engaging app which can hold on the visitors for longer time. So, if you want to not only get more downloads, but also increase your sales, your app must be engaging. Here are some of the best tips to make your eCommerce store engaging which you should share with the developers you hire…


Top 3 Essential Features Most People Forget to Incorporate in eCommerce Mobile App

1. Social media share buttons on product pages:


Your detailed product page which has got all the information regarding product, should also have the social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so that people can share those products on social media. Why would they do it? These days, people like to be active on social networking websites and if they find something interesting or if they purchase something amazing, they would want it to share on their social media account. This will make other people want to buy the same, ultimately increasing your sales. However, one important thing you must keep in mind about keeping social media buttons on product page is that, don’t keep the buttons along with share count. High number of share can of course enhance the credibility of your store and can increase the conversion rate. However, no or low share can make things worse. So, don’t keep the share count unless you are pretty sure that all the products are going to be super hit.


2. Customer support:


It might seem quite obvious, but most people don’t focus on customer support feature while they are busy paying importance to other important functionalities. Well, if you want people to empty their wallets on your products, you must be ready to answer all the questions; be it pre-sales, billing enquiries, post-sales or whatever it is. Conversion rate will increase if customers get instant answers to their questions. So, make it easy for them to reach you. Put in the live chat feature in your app and ‘request to call back’ button so that they can contact the customer support team easily.


3. Reviews, Testimonials, Feedback forms:


Did someone just buy a product from your app? Well, your work doesn’t end here; it begins here! As soon as they buy a product, ask them to write a review, rate you or fill up the feedback form. Attach the review or testimonial on the product page and it will help you get more customers for that product; social proof, remember? Feedback form will help you improve and make your products and service even better.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important ways to engage users in your eCommerce mobile application, it is advisable for you to hire the agency that provides the best eCommerce mobile app development services and share the above mentioned tips with them, so as to make the most engaging app for your eCommerce business.

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