Top 4 PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development

PHP is among the best programming languages in the world today with so many frameworks supporting it for efficient web applications development. PHP application development is now-a-days being done using a variety of frameworks. These PHP frameworks enable a streamlined programming approach thereby enabling developers to reuse the code for common functionalities across the development process. With frameworks, one can rapidly develop applications with maintained standards and thus can ensure unwavering approach for faster and efficient development.

Agile development is a widely used, creative software application development process in which focus is laid on simple coding strategy with tests being performed quite often on applications that are delivered in functional bits at regular stages. This is an incremental development process adopted by number of software development firms these days. Here small client approved parts of the application are developed in stages instead of delivering entire application at one time. Most of the businesses today are willing to get their business applications through Agile methodology in order to gain advantages like faster time to market, top quality, risk management, cost control, flexibility to change and high visibility into the development process.

Agile development with PHP frameworks can allow business applications to evolve with time to encapsulate the latest changes for relevancy with current market trends. Hence, now-a-days most of the PHP development companies are adopting to the agile process for these reasons and the basic tools they use for the purpose are the widely popular PHP frameworks. This article highlights the best four frameworks for PHP application development with agile methodology. They are as follows.

1. CakePHP:

CakePHP is one of the most popular PHP frameworks that enables developers to handle each and every aspect of the application development process easily. It enables rapid prototype development and comes with in-built validation tools and components for protection against form tampering, SQL injection thereby ensuring secure application development. The framework comes with features like validation, caching, better authentication, improved database access and clean MVC conventions that ensure efficient application development.

2. Zend:

Zend is an open source framework that enables developing PHP applications with high performance MVC implementation. Zend uses the object oriented coding methodology and hence, is considered as collection of classes. So, in Zend, one can easily load the components they require with the help of these classes and can take advantage of these components instead of whole framework. This cuts down the project load and enables for easy development process.

3. Symfony:

Symfony framework will ensure faster development and efficient maintenance of web applications. It allows for rapid application development with the help of prefabricated components which can be easily integrated into the applications as required. The framework is available in both full stack as well as micro framework version thereby enabling easy development of the entire applications as well as specific functionalities in an application.

4. CodeIgniter:

CodeIgniter presents a simple yet a powerful framework for the development of fully featured web applications. It is just the right tool for development of complex applications because here there are no coding restrictions or rules binding the developers with their work. With MVC controller approach, CodeIgniter is just the right tool for development of applications that have a tendency to change on frequently.

Hence, PHP application development with the above listed frameworks is rather easy and much faster. These are just the right tools for the software development firms building web applications using the agile approach.

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