Top 5 Alluring Features of SQL Server 2014

SQL Server 2014 comes like a boom to the developers with its new and improved features. Microsoft has revised the previous version of the SQL server database, the 2012 version, to introduce some pretty good enhancements in it which can give better benefits for the developers. Although there aren't any major or exploding changes in this latest version, there are many significant improvements which can allure developers to use it as a backend for their development needs. So, it is a better option for the organizations to go for Microsoft SQL Server Database Development Services based on 2014 version in order to keep up with the latest trend in technology while getting a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The present blog focuses on the top 5 most interesting features of SQL Server 2014 which can be of the best benefit to the developers.

  • In-Memory OLTP:

In-Memory OLTP is an engine code introduced in SQL Server 2014. Named as Hekaton, the In-Memory OLTP engine enables to carry out OLTP workloads in a lock and latch free environment. This is a concurrency control mechanism which helps to discard the locking delays and hence, boosts up the performance of OLTP applications. By opting for Microsoft SQL Server development based on this latest version of the database, organizations can ensure top-level performance of their applications that are based on MS SQL Server backend platform.

  • AlwaysOn Integration:

Microsoft has enhanced AlwaysOn integration in SQL Server 2014 with support for a few more secondary replicas and Windows Azure integration. The AlwaysOn Availability Groups were introduced initially in 2012 version of the database thereby boosting up its availability by providing the ability to protect multiple databases with maximum of four secondary replicas. This number has now increased to eight in 2014 SQL Server. Now, the readable secondary replicas will be available for only the read-only workloads in spite of the fact that there are no primary replicas available.

  • Power View Enhancement:

Power view was initially limited and used to create data visualizations only in table or two dimensional format. This was the case with previous versions of SQL Server, while the new SQL Server 2014 is about power view that enables data visualizations in multidimensional models including tables, matrices, bubble charts, and geographical maps. However, these power view models also support queries using Data Analysis Expressions.

  • Backup Encryption:

One of the top features of SQL Server 2014 is the way the database backups can be encrypted for better data protection with several encryption algorithms available for the purpose including AES 256, AES 192, AES 128 and Triple DES. Usage of asymmetric key is mandatory for encrypting backups in SQL Server 2014.

  • Windows Server 2012 Integration or Buffer Pool Enhancement:

With Windows Server 2012 integration, SQL Server 2014 is now much better scalable version of the database with the ability to scale up with nearly 640 logical processors and 4TB of memory in physical environment, while up to 64 virtual processors and 1 TB of memory on a virtual machine. While the new Buffer Pool Extension feature enables performance gains for OLTP workloads while increasing the performance of systems that have reached to the maximum of their memory capability by using high speed, non-volatile RAM in SSD solid state disk) drives.

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