Top 5 Reasons to Consider Windows 8 Development

Windows 8 development is steadily reaching the popularity mark. It's different, but it's great too! For those who love the adventure of trading on unknown paths, Windows 8 development could take your business to new heights. Well, Windows 8 is also best suited for enterprise apps.

Fresh ecosystem to work with

With Windows 8, you have a fresh interface to work with and the whole ecosystem offers businesses a lot of opportunities to think of new ideas and implement them as native Windows Apps. With other mobile operating systems, the environment is very familiar and sometimes becomes a drag. Creating something for Windows 8 is like a breath of fresh air.

App Store

Lessons Learnt! Windows 8 app store is more advanced and evolved and provides a great user experience. Windows 8 app store also offers great opportunities for selling business apps and software including free trials.

Syncing and device roaming

It's always been a great issue when users move to different devices. Well, applications and their settings go for a toss. Windows 8 application development has the facility for syncing data when they move from one Windows device to another.

Existing knowledge of coding

Finding a Windows 8 developer or expert could be easy. It involves usage of existing knowledge of VB.NET or C#, XAML for the WPF and Silverlight folks, the WinRT API is very similar to the .NET Framework) and your existing .NET or HTML and JavaScript code. Unlike other mobile apps development, there are a lot of things that developers who have been coding for a while already know about windows 8.

Enterprise Capabilities

Well, if you know why Blackberry still stands strong, it's about the enterprise set of capabilities. Windows 8 follows the same trend. It is most suitable for enterprise applications. It also has Direct Access features for remote access (no more VPN) and AD integration for making it more and more suitable for enterprise apps development.

Windows 8 is a great place to start if you are thinking about custom apps for your enterprise. Well, it's raw, needs new ideas and is not already saturated with apps and app ideas as in the other mobile operating systems. It's got the features and the backing of the most reputed software development company to make it even more appealing for enterprises. Also, learning curve for developers is also very short. Those who are familiar with programming on Microsoft Technologies can easily conjure an app for your business that will specifically server the requirements and demands of your business.

Windows 8 apps development is gaining traction and many businesses and enterprises are turning towards this operating system to make things better for their operations. Building native Windows apps could be a great advantage for businesses.

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