Top 5 Tips to Enhance Usability of Your Magento eCommerce Store

For any and every eCommerce store merchant, it is extremely important to boost up sales and increase revenue. In order to achieve that, they have to put in extra efforts. There are a lot of eCommerce merchants out there in market and each of them has got online Magento store. However, if you want to stand out the crowd, you must hire the best Magento web development company and get your eCommerce store developed by certified and experienced Magento developers.

Now, if you want a successful store, you must take care of the usability of your eCommerce website. eCommerce developers can help you to build a great online store and if you focus on usability, you can increase conversion rate, as your site will not be confusing and frustrating then. So, here are some of the most important tips to enhance the usability of your Magento eCommerce store…

1. Easy to use as well as good looking navigation:
The ultimate goal is to provide an excellent user experience to customers. So, if you want your customers to stay on your web store, you must make it easy for them to browse. Also, the navigation should be good looking enough for users to know where they are in website.

2. Advanced search and prominent contact information:
Customers come with an intention to buy something and they will leave your website if they don't get that product. So, make sure provide advanced search functionality so that people get what they are looking for. Also, people might want to speak to your or meet you in person. So, make sure you mention your contact information like address and phone number on your website and that too in such a way that visitors can find it easily.

3. Interactive shopping cart:
Your shopping cart should be such that it should allow customers to see the final price of the product along with other important information like delivery date. Also, they should be able to update it. This will help you stand out the crowd and increase conversions like never before.

4. Wish list creation:
It is not necessary that every visitor who wants to buy from your store will purchase right away. Customers might want to select the products and then purchase later on. So, give them the ability to save them in their cart or wish list so that they can purchase whenever they want to.

5. Clean order confirmation pages:
When customer places an order, it might be really tempting for you to showcase other related products on the order confirmation page, so as to increase your sales. However, it is advisable to just display the message that order has been confirmed, instead of cluttering page with other products.

Some of the other tips include:

- Easy checkout

- Product attributes and category filters

- Product reviews and testimonials

- Clean product pages


- Newsletter subscription

The above mentioned points demonstrate the tips to improve usability of online store and implementing them will help you maximize conversions. So, make sure you put them into the practice as soon as possible. Hite Magento developer to develop your own eCommerce store for your business.

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