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Top 6 Irresistible Features Of Dynamics CRM that’s Barely Known

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Customer experience is the key ingredient for businesses to step towards success. Here comes the Microsoft dynamics CRM which assists businesses to provide unprecedented experience, build long-term customer relationship and improve customer engagement while performing sales, marketing, social and other activities.

The one-size-fits-all solution is adaptive across various touch points and build customer trust, loyalty and insights alongside increased profitability. The Microsoft solution is available for cloud, on-premise, or with a hybrid combination.

Top 6 Irresistible Features Of Dynamics CRM that’s Barely Known

Businesses are increasingly leverage the Microsoft CRM solution as it help businesses in working and selling smartly with rich social insights and business intelligence that ultimately bring the winning upshot. Even, the solution is mobile compatible that allow businesses to seamlessly manage customer relationship at fingertips.

Microsoft CRM is backed by compatible set of features, but there were some problems that users were facing that has to be addressed immediately. To enable the businesses work better, Microsoft released Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 wherein existing features are enhanced and improved.

Take a glance at all the updates that this new edition of Microsoft dynamics CRM 2016 has come up with:

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1) Document generation in a single click:

Earlier, users were compelled to follow a wizard driven mail-merge process to design customized documents such as sales orders, contracts and agreements and more. CRM 2016 introduced a simplified editor to build templates that enable document creation instantly using pre-determined Word and Excel templates. Plus, the need to manually extract CRM data like quotes, orders, invoices, account summary exists no more.

2) Upgrade in Excel template:

Excel template was already available in the Dynamics CRM, but its features were limited. In the latest version, excel is supercharged with advanced excel functions like- calculating formulas, creating charts or analyze the data without needing to export the data that optimize the sales and marketing activities. It becomes easy to work in excel within CRM and it becomes time savvy as well.

3) Optimized mobile version:

The major problem CRM mobile app suffered from was internet connection. At every place, it is not necessary that the sales person would get high network bandwidth and that’s where they are unable to create or make any editing in the records.

This is the reason Dynamics CRM 2016 release was enabled to work in the offline mode. When there is no network connectivity, modifications can be made that are stored temporarily in the local database and then the updates get automatically synced to the CRM system when internet becomes available.

4) Connect to OneDrive:

Dynamics CRM recent update enabled OneDrive integration with CRM. Now, users can integrate the cloud storage of up to 1 Tb into CRM instances and can work on the documents. The documents uploaded on Office 365, SharePoint or OneNote are automatically synced and can be accessed on desktop or mobile.

5) Dashboards made adaptable:

The real-time dashboard displays the current workload in the form of charts and enable users to interact with the records. The cases can be updated straight from the dashboard where different actions like reassigning duties or tasks, viewing cases, or contact information creation can be performed.

6) Outlook app:

The outlook app for CRM allow users to track emails or view information irrespective of where the outlook is used, be it on any device, platform or browser. Also, the support of dynamics CRM is expanded to Firefox, Safari for Mac, and Outlook for Mac. How great it is that users can track an email while they are creating it.


The complete package of Microsoft dynamics CRM 2016 is full of amazing features that’s set to take the customer experience to a new level and let the businesses make most out of it. Do you want to improve efficiency and efficacy of your organization using CRM 2016? If yes, get ready to map your CRM journey with best CRM integration services provider.

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