Top Six Features of Laravel 5.0.1 Framework Most Useful for the Enterprise App Development

Laravel is a most popular PHP framework which has proven itself in very short span of time. Today it is one of the most demanding PHP application development framework because of its speed, extension ability, and quick institution. This framework is the free open source web application development framework that follows the MVC pattern.

It is the latest and best web application framework with advanced query syntax that makes web development very simple. It is helpful for developing web applications for different industries like tourism, finance, education etc. Here, are some most important features of 5.0.1 which make this PHP framework an ideal choice for developing various kinds of enterprise web applications.

1. Entirely new directory structure:

Laravel 5.0.1 comes with an entirely new directory structure. Laravel 5.0.1 uses PSR-4 autoloading standards that mean all the classes are fully namespaced now. In this version, config, storage, and database folders are moved from the app folder in the new structure. Additionally. It offers the new resources folder for containing language and template files.

2. Route caching:

Route caching feature speeds up the application route registration. This feature is ideal for such development projects that have large numbers of routes. However, once route caching is turned on, any changes that you make to the application routes will not take effect. Routing caching is generally implemented as a part of the deployment process.

3. Inbuilt Authentication System:

Authentication is very crucial part of any web application because developers are spending the lots of time for coding authentication of any enterprise system. Authentication made simpler with Laravel 5.1, as it comes with inbuilt authentication. Developers only need to configure database, controllers, models to make this system work.

4. Multiple file system support:

Laravel 5 offers great support for multiple file system for that it uses third party package Flysystem to provide support for multiple files. It provides an option for developers to use local or cloud-based storage to provide simple configuration. Moreover, developers can easily set storage options in config/filesystems.php file.

5. Improved method injection:

Method Injection has improved a lot with the Laravel 5.0.1. Until this update, web developers need to demand inversion of control to provide a class instance. But now they can declare the type hinted class instance in the controller method's signature.

6. Contracts:

contracts are basically a set of interfaces that defines the core services. If developers wants caching in a package, they can easily do that by using IlluminateContactscache. It allows developers to do cache programming using the concrete cache class without needs to change the package code.

These are some of the most important features of Laravel 5.1 development. Apart from these, there are other features like queue and task scheduling, request object, Laravel socialite etc. With this version, Laravel framework has improved a lot from the architectural perspective.

Today, there are many companies like Brainvire, that provides quick and accurate web development services using Laravel. The company has great experience of developing highly engaging and interactive apps using this web development platform. Our Laravel developers are well-acquainted with all modern features of the Laravel framework, thus, we are able to provide the best PHP application development services.

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