Unlocking The True Potential of Data on Mobile Applications

January, 2021 Dallas, USA

Mr.Craig Agranoff, President of Digital Marketing, Hosted this webinar along with Mr. Maharshi Pancholi, Mobility Head and Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire Infotech.

Advancement and knowledge are important, as they have an influential effect on the organization’s success. Data is a driving force that offers a progressive and productive edge to the company.Collection of large data, crunching, the use of right tools, and analysis acts as a foundation to gain actionable insights. These insights help mount the modern architecture of an effective marketing campaign, optimize sales and ROI of the company.

Mr. Craig shared that the traditional data approach was quite unreliable and the use of customer data is the contemporary approach to business excellence. Customer data can help understand needs and traits better, and can be utilized to choose the right marketing and advertising channel.

Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO Brainvire further elaborated that data attributes such as demographics and location is a meaningful way to understand customer habits. The hit map can provide you real-time hours when customers are online on mobile apps, websites, and social media platforms.

Moving ahead they cite that massive data compilation can be overwhelming for the company, besides, data compliance and security are primary concerns. The simplest way to segregate data is based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd party sources. This will save you from a situation where you spend thousand dollars and gain mere hundred dollars.

“Only 8% companies know how to use data optimally” says Craig, with cookies disappearing, it is time companies adopt the reliable and factual approach to optimize data.


Brainvire the IT hub contributes their experience during the pandemic, we helped a jewellery brand advance the customer journey with data earned from the custom mobile application. With appropriate data segmentation, optimization, data tools, and the right channel, the client retained and reached new customers.

While Craig has a unique perspective that if data is treated differently, then it has the power to influence the target audience effectively. For instance, GOAT- one of the leading shoe brands optimized data and included an AR feature that allowed customers to check shoe fit virtually.

Craig further mentions that data has the magnitude to empower you with improved scalability and adaptability. Track each and every click of the user on the website, even the random clicks. Trace and score the number of visits to convert potential customers into actual sales. Early adopters are predominantly the best group to identify, reach, for sale, and spread genuine word of mouth.

He also sheds light on the lesser known fact that businesses treat all the data equally, instead of capturing data wisely. He explains the same with an example of airport data. He states that it is wiser to categorize travelers based on their income, age, location, gender, smartphone devices, and other parameters to understand their preferences and offer them a deal. A hotel owner can use this data to reach out to travelers before their journey.

Later in the webinar, experts share an increased knowledge on the following data concerns-
How many data user signals can one leverage for marketing and advertising?
How many platforms can be used for marketing data management and insights?
What kind of data should a retail firm collect?

As we entered into the Q&A session our speakers were presented with quality questions from the audience. One of the participants asked how to make optimal use of a huge amount of raw data? They mentioned that raw data consists of multiple data sources and hence it is important to crunch it and reduce its size. Power BI and Big Data can be the most reliable tools to analyze the data and obtain its true value.

They also mentioned that MixPanel and Google Analytics are two significant tools to collect and crunch data events. CRM is a trustworthy solution for companies planning for retargeting just like Magento is for eCommerce businesses and data segmentation for automotive companies.

Watch the entire webinar to gain actionable insights on how to effectively leverage data on mobile application to grow your business

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