User Experience, A Depiction Of A Product On User Mind set

How likely your product is valued by a person doesn't concern only the product but also how it is represented. A proper representation is what user will face and which is also termed as user interface. How people understand and register the things is what user experience consists of and it is very essential that a user likes the depiction of the product on your website. As an interaction designer a person ensures that the things included on the user interface must be user friendly, technically practicable and of commercial interest.

To boost the user experience, it is necessary that you should design it according to the principles so that a large part of the population likes it. Here we have reckoned some of the principles that you must follow so that you can build a good user interface and the people using it can have a pleasant experience.

Use the Mental mode

People use most of the websites with their instinct as and when they see a pop up button they think that this button if triggered will help to meet their needs and if that button takes them to somewhere which doesn't fulfil their needs then it can be termed as a bad design.

Navigation is necessary

How simply can people take action and move from one place to another on your website is a key thing and will decide that how much people are liking that website. Itemize menu in the simplest way possible as using sophisticated approaches and elaborate words may make it more complicated for the users. Avoid symbols and even if they are included make them less confusing. At the end of the day you must focus on the users understanding of your creation.

Build a Content

Content is one of the most important part of a user interface as it is the part about which the customer is most bothered about. Not only what the content is matters but also how it is placed. You must know that how that will be portrayed on a user's screen and it must fit all sizes and align to the screen. Think about how the person will face the screen sitting on a couch.


Images attract

Images are always descriptive and easy to understand, put some of the pictures that can enhance the user's experience and also make the content more understanding. You can also add animations so as to make your website more appealing.

Advertising in limit

Keep a track of advertising on your website, a modest advertising is okay but an increase in them can steal the thunder of your website. It can also cost loyalty of your website users they don't deserve to be distracted by the ads of the different companies.

Be concerned about the User's needs

Understand the user's needs so that you can determine their requirement. There are many tools to understand the user's needs, observation of user behaviour, data analysis and building user scenarios are some of them.

Don't overdo it

Over decoration is not going to fetch you anything, to attract customers you need to maintain the simplicity in your website so that people don't get irritated finding the right content. An over decoration will confuse the person accessing your website.

Technical terms are a big no

Don't use the technical terms so as to make the content more influencing, it will only draw out the interest of the people visiting the website.

Don't make them think

The only goal here is to let people understand the things in the easiest way possible. The user must be able to achieve their goals in the shortest time possible.


Allow user's mistake

A user making mistakes means that there is a problem made in the designing and even if there is a mistake then let the users make it, providing a guide to them so that they can operate on the right path would be more beneficial. A designer must see that and error prone situation can be avoided.

Feedback helps

The machine and people need to communicate effectively so that positive results can be obtained. When a person performs some operations the system must give a feedback by discolouring, vibration, light emission etc. The main purpose of these signals is to let the user know that their operation is known to the device.

Check for Involvement

The user must be involved with your interface so that you can show what you want to show. A fuzzy interface is not going to attract customers but all the factors mentioned above are. Your intention as a designer must be to know what a person will like and how will he register the product in his mind.

Know your position

Yes, it is a pursuit but you must take out time to analyse your position and understand where you stand. Having unnecessary discussions won't fetch you anything you need to draw out the previous results, statistics and data to make a sketch of how you will be proceeding.

A user must always understand what you are showing and he should get a concrete idea of that. As a designer it is your responsibility to maintain a precise interface because it is the face of a business.

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