WCET 2018 – Brainvire takes its E-learning Management Product, Inknowledge a Step Further!

Brainvire recently showcased its expertise in the domain of higher education (e-learning) at the recently held 30th Annual Meeting of WCET, 2018 in Portland. Founded by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), WCET is the leader in the practice, policy, & advocacy of technology-driven learning in higher education. It strives to bring together colleges, universities, higher education organizations, and companies to collectively improve the quality and reach of technology-enhanced learning programs.

Inknowledge aims to explore the endless applications of information technology in the higher education and e-learning sector. At the event, Inknowledge showcased its flagship products i.e. ELC (E-Learning Compliance), Profiles and Mentor-Track. It has a collection of diverse apps automating various University Management Processes, whereas ELC primarily focuses on handling e-learning compliance, out-of-state authorization and Licensure Requirement process for a university.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO and founder of Brainvire, is quite elated after this mega event. He expresses his views, "Having been in the industry for 18+ years, we have developed a firm understanding about the pain points prevalent in the compliance process and the higher education system. This is our 4th consecutive visit to WCET and Inknowledge has always pitched in its best efforts for overcoming the challenges being faced by industry."

What Does Inknowledge Offer?

ELC - It enables users to track their professional licensure status and complete all the state authorization formalities in a hassle-free manner. It provides features like agency database, visual analytics, physical presence tracker, student enrolment, program management, etc.

Profile Management System - Enables universities and faculties to manage their individual profiles and additional features like REST API, event-based notifications, bulk import of publications, and much more.

Mentor and Track - A unique application to mentor students individually while setting goals for them. Also, it offers detailed reports and analytics, and track the student's progress and accomplishments.

Grant Management - Submission of pre-proposal certification form is possible through this application and additional forms are also available. Also, reports and analytics are available to derive valuable insights.

Conflict of Interest - This functionality allows universities to manage disclosure forms, send out reminders when disclosures are due. A review committee can be setup online for streamlining the proceedings.

Brief Highlights of 30th Annual Meeting of WCET, 2018 -

The event was a 3-day grand affair which witnessed the participation of nearly 300 prestigious universities and organisations. It was held at the Marriott Portland Downtown Waterfront Hotel in Portland, OR.

The scheduled event had multiple round table conferences aimed at discussing the recent technological trends in higher education system that brought together some of the prominent industry experts who were seen discussing on the current technological advancements and its impact on higher education.

Brainvire showcased Inknowledge's various products through its exclusive booth. The key areas focussed were –

  • Out-of-State authorization issues, new policies in NC-SARA and its reporting structure.
  • Mentoring students and tracking their progress for improving graduation rates.
  • Digitization of faculty profiles along with integration of Digital MeasuresTM for better information handling.

Thus, the event provided Inknowledge with an excellent platform to showcase its offerings and come face-to-face with the hard-pressing issues that are looming over the education industry.

About Brainvire

Brainvire is a pioneering IT solutions provider with 18+ years of industry experience. It has carved out its technological niche in the education industry with its offerings like Web based E-learning and LMS Solutions, Educational Website Design & Development Solutions, Comprehensive School Administration System, Educational Game Development, Library Management Systems, etc.

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