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Why CakePHP is a Worldwide Popular Web Application Development Platform?

Categories : Article, PHP Development

Today, there are many open source options available for the companies to develop their web applications. However, recently, CakePHP has become the prime choice, as it is helpful for faster and cost-effective web application development. It is a powerful and robust PHP framework that allows developers to build website and web applications quickly.

Apart from providing a flexible way to build your web applications, CakePHP also provides a basic structure for organizing files and database table names. However, apart from this, there are many reasons behind the worldwide popularity of this platform. Here are some of the reasons behind worldwide popularity of CakePHP.

Why CakePHP is a worldwide popular web application development platform

1. No Special Configuration Required:

The biggest reason of CakePHP development being popular is that, this open source platform does not require any type of configuration before programmers start using it. In CakePHP development, a majority of settings and features are auto-detected. This saves a lot of time, as programmers are no longer required to study the configuration settings.

2. Supports MVC Architecture:

As CakePHP is based on an MVC framework, it allows to access, insert, delete and modify data directly from the database. A controller process always responds quickly when errors are identified. This ensures quick modification even before it has interacted with the database. Thus, MVC pattern provides secure and reliable development platform.

3. Easy Method for Database Management:

Database management is absolutely easy with the help of CRUD integration feature. This feature provides additional functionalities for the fast and effective database management work.

4. SEO Friendly Website Development:

It is very important that website should be SEO friendly so that it able to rank higher in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. In cakePHP, it is very easy to include modules, which helps companies to boost up the performance of their websites.

5. Ability to Create Test:

CakePHP provides great support to create tests which will help developers to quickly check critical issues in any particular application and solve the issues that are present in the system.

6. Easy and Fast Documentation Method:

CakePHP supports effective and fast technique for the documentation. Therefore, it is quite easy to do the documentation for the developers without wasting too much time for this process.

7. Large Support of Online Community:

CakePHP is supported by a large community, which is always ready to share information and learn from each other. With so many contributors, it always helpful for programmers to quickly learn new tools and features of the CakePHP. Moreover, the well established forum also makes it easier to know about new development features and functionalities for website owners and developers.

Therefore, based on the discussed points, we can say that CakePHP development has become one of the easiest and most flexible programming languages for both; developers and website owners. Thus, it is no surprise that the platform is enjoying worldwide popularity.

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