Why opt for GO Language for Native or Cross Platform App Development?

Today possessing a coding language of own has become a credential for the big techies. For example, Microsoft had got its hands on C# while Apple developed Swift and now it's Google that has framed ‘GO'. Go is the Google's very own programming language that is similar to the C and C++ languages. This is a compiled programming language with various desirable features like garbage collection, CSP style concurrent programming and security.

GO supports features that allow for native mobile app development for popular platforms like Android and iOS. Working with GO, the developers will have a great experience to get the speed of working with a dynamic language along with the performance and safety criterion of the compiled languages. Hence, with GO one can opt for developing safer and high performing mobile apps within least possible time. This ensures faster time to market for your business applications with mobility thereby helping you get faster results for your investments.

GO is similar to Python and is developed for avoiding all the boredom and loopholes witnessed in traditional languages like C++ and C. Hence, GO has been gaining momentum and good popularity from the developers in the past few years. The latest version of the language, 1.5 that was launched in August 2015 has been in the news for its features that support cross platform app development. With introduction of GO 1.5, it has become easier for the developers to build cross platform apps for Android and iOS platforms. This means that the developers can build a single code and share it between the two platforms thereby saving lot of time and efforts for mobile app development.

GO's mobile repository offers a number of tools for developing native mobile applications based on iOS and Android platforms. However, there are two essential methodologies to integrate GO for your mobile application development strategy  one is to write the native applications for both the platforms and other is to write SDK applications from GO package and invoking them Android and iOS platforms.

If you are wondering why GO would be a good choice of programming language for your mobile application, here are a few eminent features that will help you decide whether or not to choose the programming language for your native or cross platform mobile app development.

Mature and scalable applications: GO is a mature and a robust programming language designed for developing scalable applications without hassles. The programming language allows for embedding essential features for mobile app development with ease. One can easily and rapidly develop future ensured applications with GO.

Ease of development: Its easy developing mobile applications with GO because it's similar to Python programming language. Any developer who has idea of working with this programming language or NODE or JS can easily work with GO but have to understand its distinguishable features like coroutines, channels, strict typing etc.

Packages and Tools: One can easily search out for the GO standard packages and tools for the development process.

Concurrency: Go supports goroutines which are nothing but the light weight threads managed by runtime of Go. Communication between these goroutines is done by channels elegantly and hence, the mobile apps developed with GO will download faster and in much lesser time.

Hence, GOLANG is certainly a good option to go for native or cross platform mobile app development for business needs.

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