Windows 8 Benefits For Businesses

Ever since Microsoft has released Windows 8 operating system it has gained worldwide popularity. The company promised that Windows 8 will give consumers a device like experience with whole host of new features. The Windows 8 Application Development market is booming like never before and many companies are trying their luck in Windows 8 Application Development as the platform presents a wide scope for development of varied applications for different users.

Here's a look at some of the innovative features in Windows 8 which will help businesses to develop solutions as they wish.

Faster Booting Time

Windows 8 introduces the Protogon file system which allows the user to instantly boot the PC. Simply, the user has to turn on the PC and he or she can start working on it. The system start up and booting occurs at the lightening speed without wasting much of their time.

Windows To Go

Windows 8 can be booted onto any laptop from a USB drive. The companies which hire a lot of consultants, workers etc. and need to give access to information without granting the full server permissions Windows To Go provides the way to them.


The security feature in Windows 8 is upgraded and provides complete malware protection against virus, worms etc. It also provides real-time protections against security threats via a system file filter.

User Interface

Windows 8 has Metro style user interface which is highly attractive and touch friendly. Microsoft also gives the Windows application developers the required tools to create customized Metro apps for their business. The Metro style design shows only the crucial information to the end-user and presents a simple interface which is very easy to control.

Support for ARM Tablets

To make a hold in the smarphone and tablets market Microsoft has included the support for ARM tablets in Windows 8.

Windows Store

Microsoft Enterprise Services launched the Windows Store where the user can download Windows applications and the developers can publish their own applications for Windows 8 hand-held devices.

To sum up, Windows application development has several advantages for businesses and help them make their work and personal computing activities more convenient. The people are quite familiar with Windows and Blockchain as service. It enables great security and reliability. Also, upgrading from old version to newer version is very easy and fast. With the Metro style user interface and great features Windows 8 will definitely change the tablet and desktop markets with the development of more unique and attractive applications. So, get started with the Windows 8 Application Development and reap all the great business benefits...!

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