Windows Azure : Technical Overview And Features

Microsoft Azure popularly known as Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform built by Microsoft for building, managing and deploying the applications and services through the network of Microsoft data centers. It helps you move faster, do more and save money. Be it a small business or an enterprise, Windows Azure is capable of providing cloud computing services that can suit any need of internet solutions.

Here are some of the amazing features that Windows Azure offers:

Iaas and PaaS

Azure is the only cloud platform ranked as an industry leader by Gartner for both infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service. It supports various programming languages, tools and frameworks and lets you build, deploy and manage applications any way you like.

Hybrid Ready

Some service providers make you choose between the public cloud and your data center. Aure offers you enterprise proven hybrid cloud solutions like amazon web services that can help you expand your IT options without added complexity. The data storage, backup and recovery become easier with Azure. Also, it becomes easy to build applications that span both cloud and on-premises.

Open and Flexible

Azure is open and flexible and supports any language, operating system, framework right from Windows to Linux, Oracle to SQL Server, C# to Java. It brings the best of Linux and Windows ecosystems and enables you to build robust Sharepoint applications and services that works well with every device.

Scalable and Economical

Azure is quite scalable and matches every demand so you can pay for what you use.

What you can do with Windows Azure?

Built modern applications : Develop and deploy a wide variety of modern applications for various mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows that take full advantage of the cloud. You can easily scale up and down to match your requirement.

Build infrastructure : The virtual machines allows the .net application developers to use the same machines and management tools without changing the code and thus can run on Linux machines and the Windows server.

Gain insight from data : Azure provides managed SQL and NoSQL data services and in-built support for gaining insight from your data. You can scale and extend power bi consulting applications in the cloud by using SQL server technology.

Manage identity and access : Easily manage user accounts, synchronize with existing on-premises directories and much more.

To sum up, Windows Azure clearly enables to create applications and services ranging from simple to complex. The user friendly features and the nature of this open OS allows the developers to develop their own kind of online applications be it for business purpose or for any other purpose. It is a widely chosen system especially made to be used for the cloud computing. So, what keeps you waiting for? Hire Azure Developers from Brainvire for your business growth. Get in touch with us today and leverage from Windows Azure Development...!

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