Striking Security Features for Windows Phones with Nokia Lumia for Businesses to Leverage From

Windows Phones with Nokia Lumia as a hardware is a fairly recent wave in the mobile market and more and more businesses have turned to this phone to be used as a “business mobile”. Well, it is a good thing because other than being a popular Microsoft based system and a popular Nikia based hardware, this phone comes with striking security features that businesses see as more than appealing. Well, here is an overview of its four strongest security features.

Security reasons for your business to select windows phones


With Windows phone 8 encryption turned on, operating system data, User data and almost all data on your phone is safe. Your company can enable automatic encryption too and the file encryption or the internal storage will kick off as soon as the device is turned on. Hacking into such a device to retrieve any business critical data is like mission impossible! Windows Phone is the only smartphone platform that has Information Rights Management (IRM) built-in.

Well, Windows phone developers make use of these features to provide businesses with apps that use the full potential of this state of the art OS and classic Nokia hardware.

Network connectivity

Business apps accessing the popular cloud services like SkyDrive and Office 365 and synchronizing data back and forth form SharePoint or exchange services require highly secure connections. Well, the latest SSL3.0 connection is used with Windows 8 phones and as a result, all network traffic goes with encryption. Any windows app development company will see great potential in utilizing this feature to provide highly secure apps to businesses.

Trustable App Store

With a Windows Phone Store, you can trust the apps you download because they are certified by Microsoft before enabling official download. The criteria are strictly scrutinized and only then an app is approved. So accidentally downloading a spammy app or malware is not a thing to happen. Well, Nokia Lumia comes with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 10. Which means that it has real time anti phishing filters – thats security enough!


Businesses are always on the lookout for solutions that can password protect data more and more efficiently. Well, Windows 8 phones come with complex password protection for screen lock and power on too. With Windows Live and Outlook Web App, the phone's data can be restored from the last backup too, if it is accidentally lost.

It provides for a strong OS with an equally robust hardware to support its features. It's not a wonder that businesses as well as windows mobile app development professional see great potential in using this combination to leverage its potential for business benefits. So, is your business considering Windows 8 Phones and Windows Phone Business apps? Hope this article provided you with insights into the security features you'll get for windows Phones.

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