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About Client

Social powered, the local search engine that helps individuals discover best local businesses by the means of social media. Whatever an individual’s requirement might be – a plumber, trending restaurant, attorney, or a pet shop, every information is made available by the service. The service helps the users to find every local requirement they might need, all in one place.

Business Challenges

Everything offered by the service was good until they discovered that as their popularity went soaring, it got way too difficult for the service to collect a huge data at once from the third party and manage it. The management of such an immense United States-based data was pretty much a hectic task which is why the service turned to us for assistance.


As per the requirements, our developers came up with a solution which offers a score along with trending analysis for the database of millions of businesses around the United States. Leading social media sites were integrated with the application that would measure the engagement as well as the sentiment of customers in order to suggest the businesses in the area worth checking out. An online resource was integrated that gathers people’s collective intelligence and networks them to locate the best possible businesses.


  • Integration of major social networking websites
  • Presence of Google Maps, extensive user reviews, and location-centric searches in the from videos, articles, and images
  • Strong backend data support
  • High performance
  • Precise and relevant search results
  • Database replication available
  • Load balancer available
  • High customization


The high-end system encouraged the users to create accurate profiles and build a trustworthy community which helped them find and offer reliable services on the net. The range of tools for enhancing offline interactions between users along with bidding tools offered the users to fetch the best deals. The numerous customization options with easy navigation and user-friendly features ensured access for members of all experiences.