10 Key Highlights of The Latest Android Lollipop

Google's latest mobile operating system has created a buzz in the mobile apps development world and it has already drawn a lot of attention from both users and developers. This latest OS found it's way to Google's Nexus devices “ the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player.

Let's take a look at 10 key features of this latest mobile OS.

Continuity Features

The upgrade to the new Android lollipop enables you to pickup from where you left off. You need not start configuration from scratch. Your photos, songs and other apps are immediately available for use. Even the recent searches will be available for use across all your android devices.

Compatibility with multiple devices

By default, the all new Android lollipop has support for different mobile devices with different screen sizes. These also include smart devices like smart watches, TVs, Car Screens etc. It is designed for flexibility and can be customized to suit your needs.

Material Design

The all new Android Lollipop uses a material design interface across devices. This basically means that the design elements can dynamically shrink and expand as per the size of the screen and there is more white space between the element that gives it a 3 D appearance of progressive web apps. This makes the transitions between tasks more fluid. The entire design is overall more intuitive.

Camera Upgraded!

The camera settings can be fine tuned and features for burst mode etc are supported. Raw resolution frames can be captured around 30 fps. Shooting in raw formats like YUV and Bayer RAW can be done. Support for UHD 4K video playback and tunneled video for high quality video playback on Android TV with improved streaming capabilities.

Battery Settings

The new battery saver feature in this operating system helps you save battery life for an extended 90 minutes. It's easier to manage your power usage as it gives you an estimated time before your charge ends.

Security is improved

Device can be shared securely with guest mode and you can even create multiple user accounts to enable friends to login to your device with restricted permissions to your private files.

Notifications screen

You can view and hide notifications directly from the lock screen. You can even hide notifications for sensitive messages. Priority mode can be set via volume control for certain notifications. You can choose to avoid calls and interruptions while playing a game or watching a movie.

Quick Settings

The notification screen has quick settings that are very handy for controls such as flash light, hotspot, screen rotation etc. You can manually adjust the settings for brightness etc. Quick settings are useful to adjust things to your convenience.

User experience is smoother

Android Lollipop now uses ART (Android Run Time) to provide a good performance and hence a smoother user experience. The performance is up at least four times. There is also support for 64 bit chips.

Tap and go

Tap and go for NFC devices enables you to now set up devices instantly by tapping it into your old one. You can sync your new phone with all the apps that were available on the old one.

Overall, the new Android lollipop has opened new opportunities with all new features for Android developers and designers to work on.

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