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Progressive Web Apps to Improve Digital commerce Experience

Progressive Web Apps

Quick Installation

Users can install the app without going through Google Play or App Store.

Offline Operation

PWAs can operate offline or in compromised network areas

Better Security

Since PWAs rely on HTTPS for data safety, they can easily prevent snooping and content tampering

Easy Updates

PWAs can automatically be updated without bothering users with permission requests


PWAs can easily operate on desktop and mobile or any place with a browser

Availability of push notifications

Just like native mobile apps, PWAs also offer the push notification functionality

Use PWAs in Android, iOS, and Browsers

The best part about using PWAs is their ease of accessibility. Since they don’t require separate bundling or distribution, PWAs can work in any browser.

  • Progressive web applications can work well on android devices
  • Users can easily install and operate PWAs on iPhones, iPad, etc.
  • PWAs can be used wherever the web runs. They can be used on tablets, smartphones, or any device that has browser support


Progressive Web Apps Development

B2E - Business to Employee Apps

By bringing in employee apps on board, communicating and managing employees has become much easier. Here’s how the HR department of a company can benefit by using business to employee apps:

  • News Notifications
  • Company announcements
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Office Locations Worldwide
  • Company Newsletters
  • Personalized HR Surveys for employee retention[YG5]
  • Employee/Personal Details
  • Log in Log Out Credentials (Working Hours)
  • Annual Events/Picnics
  • Leave Application
  • Productivity Data
  • Generation of Salary Slips, Offer Letter, Bonuses, Increments, etc.
  • Important Notices
  • Holiday List
  • Company Policies
  • On-site Visit Updates
  • Compensatory Leaves

PWA App Development

Small and large, all kinds of brands are using progressive web apps to deliver a better user experience. Here are some of them:

  • Starbucks is using PWA to expand its reach and enhance the user experience of ordering faster.
  • After building a PWA, Pinterest saw a 44% increase in its overall ad revenue.
  • Uber used PWAs to expand in the new market region and better serve their customers.
  • After building a PWA, Forbes successfully garnered a 100% increase in the time spent on the app.
  • Lastly, Twitter saw a 65% increase in pages per session and a 75% increase in tweets after launching the PWA.
PWA Development

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