5 Key Points Unfolding The Situations To Use A Framework In PHP

A lot more is discussed about PHP, benefits of using PHP, PHP advanced versions, capabilities PHP have, PHP frameworks, different benefits of using PHP frameworks, etc, but it’s nowhere explained when one should use the PHP frameworks.

PHP frameworks like phalcon development services, Cake PHP, Laravel, Magento, Zend, Joomla, Symfony and Codeigniter are empowered with added functionalities that enable scalable app development at fast pace. The frameworks are also upgraded with time to make PHP development more efficient and easier.

PHP developers also require skill sets to leverage these frameworks in PHP web app development. To elucidate how and when these PHP frameworks should be used in what scenario, certain points are rounded up that showcase the cases when to use these frameworks about which most of us are unaware of. Here is the explanation:

1) App Development in Minimal Coding:

Writing a program for a run-time environment that executes the tasks alternatively takes a long time to write and an arduous task as well. Here, PHP would help being a server-side scripting language, the tasks are done in an automated way with less coding. Though, PHP learning curve is steep, but once learned then the development becomes plain-sailing.

2) Robust Security is the Issue:

Handling hacks or attacks manually is tiring and mistakenly skipping the one may result into an application with a bug. PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter is loaded with input and output filtering options that automatically filter the attacks connected with database object, and guard the website against vulnerabilities such as XSS code, SQL injections and more.

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3) Code and File Organization:

Code and file organization is very important in the app development. Every PHP framework have certain folder structure by default like a “/inc” folder has “functions.php”, and it does not mean that code is organized. Following certain standards or with using IDE and code organizers, the code and file can be kept organized, which in turn ease the file search no matter how small the file is.

4) Need PHP Libraries:

During PHP web app development, many tools, libraries and third party APIs are required that either developers use readymade or create the new one for form validation and session handling, database abstraction, calendar, input/output filtering, pagination and emails. PHP framework provide many such utilities and libraries that developers can use. Also, it promote team work because work can be segregated among developers, designers and data specialists.

5) Require Community Support:

PHP is the undisputed king among web development platforms that’s gaining more popularity day by day with millions of web development. There is a large community of developers who share the valuable insights in regards to PHP development and help other developers whenever they stuck. Even, developers can get the answer to their query by directly communicating with the experts by sending a message or email.

PHP frameworks have bestowed upon the great lengths of opportunity in the hands of developers. With a good understanding of what features or functionalities to be included in the application, it becomes easy to decide which framework to use and when to use. Keeping this key points in mind, you can start flawless PHP application development.

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