5 Things Every Software Developer Must Be Aware Abouts

Developing an effective and robust software application involves a lot of efforts and processes, but apart from all that, it requires developers to have certain skills to make it successful. While software development in India is reaching sky high, it has become critical for the developers who getting into the software application development to identify and learn the basic fundamentals.

Apart from learning different programming languages or coding styles, there are a lot of things that a software developer should be aware of before getting into the software development in India. Are you one of those newbie developers willing to make shining career in the software development, but don’t know what are the things that you should be knowing apart from coding? If the answer is affirmative, ensure you go through the list of the things discussed in this article.

Algorithms & Big-O-Notation

Whenever you start developing software applications, it is important that you get familiar with the data structures and algorithms. Today, almost all the programming languages have a huge list of libraries for containers, sorting and other operations. However, it is important to make appropriate usage of the standard libraries. It is very important that you analyse your own code. The Big-O-Method is the standard method that is used to describe the expected consumption of time or memory depending from the number of data.

Project management basics

Of course, you’re not going to work as a project manager, and you will have to work in a team. However, it is important that you try to get an idea about how technical leads or project managers think and work on the projects. It is very crucial you understand each and every facet of project management as you may also have to manage the team in the future. Try to figure your effort estimation as it would help you it would help you identify your weak areas.

Mainstream development paradigms

In today’s fiercely competitive software development market in India, it is very important you learn more programming languages like angular js, node js web development, at least one for each mainstream development paradigm. You can go for procedural programming languages, object-oriented programming languages, functional programming languages or declarative programming languages. Moreover, it is beneficial if you know multi-paradigm programming languages like Python, Java, C++ or C#.

Development Tools

With the advancement in technology, you can find a wide range of tools available in the market that can help you build powerful software applications on the go. Being a software developer or hire node js developer, it is impossible to know each and every tool, but it is important that you at least know the key principles and underlying technologies. It would help you increase your productivity and quality.

Know the basics of securing your application

No matter how effective and powerful software application you’ve developed, if you fail to incorporate the right kind of security measures, it would result into a failure. In the recent years, security has become a prime concern among the businesses. Therefore, make sure you know the basics of application security.

Before you start developing software application, make sure you’re aware about all of these basic aspects of software development to make it successful. Do you have more things to share? Share your views in the comments…!

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