5 Things You Must Include For Android Apps Development

Over a period of time, Android apps development gets to a point that users expect certain “must haves” for their application. Even industry trends show that your app is doomed to fail if certain things aren’t included. The popularity of a mobile app depends on the look, feel and the overall experience of a user using it. This also includes performance and stability. The field of Android Application development is fiercely competitive and if your app does not provide the features that customers demand and expect, your app will not see as much popularity.

Outlined here are a few must have and must include things for your Android apps:

Gesture Control

New age apps must be designed for gesture controlling features to optimize user experience. Today’s smartphones come with a great variety of features for cameras, front facing cameras and infrared cameras that can be controlled with a few swipes and taps or turning. This offers great opportunities for Android Application developers to utilize these features in new and innovative ways in order to provide a great user experience.

Animation, look and feel

Well, if you are designing an Android app, make sure the look and feel targets the right audience. An animation could work best for children’s apps or some kind of games or funky apps, but when building professional apps, the design should “speak” the language! Well, some users download apps only when they like the screenshots some others look at how the icon is. Creating the right impression of the app via the design and graphics is one way to sure app success.


HTML 5 brought with it a lot of good to the world of design. Making web apps portable and compatible on all devices. It’s a great way to maintain consistency and retaining fans across all mobile operating systems. Using HTML 5 ensures that your app is what recent trends should be. It will definitely serve all technological requirements.

Enterprise Features

Many organizations today prefer their employees to use mobile apps to gain access to their business information even while on the go. Enterprise mobile application development requires features for remote access with high performance and stability with accuracy. Enterprises look for applications that have CRM, ERP and SAP integration capabilities.

Cloud Computing Integration

Cloud Computing capabilities have become a must have in today’s world especially for enterprises. Android apps with cloud integration will definitely be in demand and popularity. As per current tech trends could computing can put your app quickly in the popular list!
Mobile Payment Options

Ability to quickly make mobile payments and avail services or buy products is almost a mandate for an app that deals with either mcommerce etc. Well, financial transactions capability to your android app will ensure that your app completes the user’s requirement.

Building mobile apps for the sake of it being the current trend does not really suffice. It does not work that way. You need to study what function your app will serve and include all the “in demand” features to make it popular.

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