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Web and Mobile based Virtual Payment system

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Client Requirement


The idea that has popped up into the client’s mind is really captivating. It has proved to be impressive to the travelers, as the sole intention behind this ideation is to give the travelers peace of mind.

The client requirement was to build a Global Payment system that let the travelers to do the shopping,have food at the restaurants and cafes and stay in the hotel without taking even a penny off their pockets.They get a unique ID which through which they can shop, eat and roam without paying. They can pay for everything together in the end when they check out from the hotel.

The specific requirements of the clients for the payment system for trip are:

  • Three users of this app are customers, retailers and hotels.
  • There should be a mobile app for every customer.
  • The mobile payment app of customers should have login page, registration page, dashboard, notification page and purchase page.
  • There should be a separate mobile payment app for retailers
  • The retailer mobile app should have bill page
  • There should be a separate web application for hotels.
  • The web app for hotels should have login page, dashboard page, purchases page, customer page and retailer page.

Project Challenges

The company faced the following challenges while developing the Mobile Kiosk for payment processing.

  • It was difficult to make and manage separate applications for all the three parties; customers, hotels and retailers and implement the virtual payment processing.
  • Managing the hotel goods supply, bulk data, fetching the amount of money spent by all the customers from all the places, keeping track of the amounts, summing up to make a systematic detailed bill at the checkout is a tough task.
  • Providing the enjoyable experience to the travelers without any errors in the bill at the end is a bit tricky too.

Technologies Used

Operating System & Server Management iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Multi-Server Architecture Production Environment through Version Controlling releases, Server Optimization, Security & SSL Implementation, Alert Monitoring System Integration, Server Performance Tuning at regular intervals, Software Firewall Configuration & Maintenance
Development Tools & Environments Phone Gap Cordova, C#, IOS SDK, Android SDK, Windows SDK, AJAX, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, MVC 4.0, .Net Framework 4.0, ASP.Net, SharePoint, etc.
Database HTML5 Local Storage Database Server, MSSQL Database Server(Web), DB Clustering, DB Optimization, Mongo DB, Master Slave Replication, Query Optimization, Scheduler for Backups


Project Leader 1
Developers 4
Designers 2
Quality Assurance Tester 2


The planning of the retail business mobile POS needs to be done properly.

    • This system is going to be used by millions of travelers and a huge sum of money is going to get involved.
    • The planning was done taking into the consideration multiple currencies, so that they system can be used in any and every part of the world.
    • The team studied the project wisely and then decided to use the ASP.net and the MVC architecture too.
    • Planning was done to identify the number of applications required according to the parties involved.
    • The entire process and the flow of work were decided, using the effective technologies.
    • Setting up the web and mobile application and testing the functionality from all types of devices was the next step.
    • The web application for the hotel consisted of following things:
      • Login
      • Dashboard
      • Pending payments
      • Customers tab
      • Retailers
      • Purchases
      • Analytics
      • Transaction report
      • Business reports analytics
      • Settings
      • It also contains the information about the hotel rewards/ loyalty points management
    • The retailer web CMS contains:
      • Login/log out
      • Forgot password
      • Dashboard
      • Post offers
      • Settings
      • Reports
    • The Web CMS super admin contains:
      • Login/log out
      • Forgot password
      • Dashboard
      • Registered clients management
      • Registered customer management
      • Registered retailer management
      • Settings
      • Static pages
      • Reports
    • The mobile app for customer contains:
      • Application menu
      • Splash menu
      • Login screen
      • Flow chart
      • Registration screen
      • Dashboard
    • The mobile app for retailer contains:
      • Applications menu
      • Splash screen
      • Login screen
      • Dashboard for retailer app


Looking to the client requirements, the team had decided to use the three tier architecture for developing this system:


Development Highlights

    • The idea of the web application for hotels and the mobile app for customers and retailers worked well for everyone and helped to streamline the process.
    • One of the best things about this system is that, it is a win-win-win situation, where all the three parties are benefited in some or the other way.
    • Customers do not have to roam with money; they can travel freely empty handed.
    • They do not have to pay the currency conversion fees for each transaction, as they have to pay only once.
    • All the best technologies were used to develop this web based solution
    • Hotels which make use of this system attract more customers than the ones which do not. So, they generate even more revenue.
    • Customers prefer to purchase from the retailers who use this app, so the retailers using this app earns more than the ones who do not.
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