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Xcode 7.2
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About Client

The founder group of this project consists of people who come from different walks of life and who are highly passionate for fitness. Their common goal is to bring transformation in the society through charity while ensuring complete fitness and health of the individuals. Hence, they came up with an innovative concept of linking personal health to public good.

Business Challenges

In order to fulfill their passion for contributing to the society, the client group wanted to come up with an application that can not only help them raise the fitness levels of the individuals, but can also help them raise money for the charities. They wanted to implement the concept of linking personal health to public good in reality and hence, decided to come up with a fitness application that can help individuals to track and work on their fitness levels. Whenever they achieve their goals, they win virtual points which can be donated to a charity. These points are converted into cash and paid to the charity by the individuals or companies.


Brainvire team communicated with the client group in order to clearly understand the basic concept, work flow and functionalities desired from the application. They worked hard and put their best efforts to develop a fitness based charity mobile application with features and functionalities as exactly desired by the client.
An Android cum iPhone application was designed with background and foreground activity tracking features so that activities or workout of the user can be tracked seamlessly both online as well as when offline.
A complete fitness tracking mobile application was developed to enable user get each and every detail of their activity including tracking of steps walked by the user, tracking of distance travelled, tracking calories burnt, tracking total exercise time of the user, tracking weight before and after the activity and tracking events participated.


  • User friendly and informative dashboard that gives users, the information of their daily activities like total steps, time, points won and calories burnt in a day
  • Easy user profile management that allows users to manage their information, username and passwords
  • Exercise tracking feature that tracks the speed, time and average pace of the user for the workout
  • Online as well as offline exercise history tracking to maintain accurate data synchronization even when there are internet issues with user device.
  • Allow users to set current and target weight
  • Date-wise offline and online weight history tracking for better weight goal management
  • Learn what other group members are up to, by joining groups and viewing their activities
  • Find the hotsteppers or the highest steps walker of the day, week, month and year and share it on social media
  • Events module development that allows users to get information about events completed, total points won, points redeemed for contribution to charities
  • Invite friends and family members by contact or by email to use the application
  • Find the complete statistics of the user workout as per the date, time and day of workout, total distance travelled by the user illustrated through map, track the impact of exercise and view information of all user’s exercise
  • Graphical representation of the total steps walked, distance travelled and calories burnt by the users on hourly and weekly basis
  • Receive notifications of new group joinees, hotsteppers or highest steps walkers and event winners


  • Managing app compatibility with various versions of iPhone so that users can accurately track their steps and activity even on the iPhone devices of versions below 5C like 5, 5C, 4S etc., and also on the latest versions like 6, 6+ etc.
  • Offline data management for maintaining accurate workout, calorie burnt and weight information of the user even when not online
  • Managing app compatibility with various Android mobile devices and versions as well.