A Robust Integration of POS with the SAP ERP along with a Revamped Payment Portal for Kuwait-based Extended Warranty Provider

Based in Kuwait, the client is a leading retailer who deals with electronic gadgets through mega outlets and online platform as well. Alongside, it also offers an extended warranty scheme with its products. With plans to sell such schemes as a separate offering, it contacted Brainvire to integrate its existing SAP database with the POS system, and hence extend the scope of services.

The developers at Brainvire will integrate the client's backend with POS system in such a way that the client's customer care executives will be able to follow-up with the targeted customers (whose manufacturer warranty is about to expire) directly by accessing the purchase history data, stored in the SAP database. Also, the exact serial number of the product can be fetched by the representatives once this integration becomes successful.

Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO of Brainvire, shares his thoughts, "SAP system is crucial for the functioning of any organisation, and so is the role of backend processes. Integrating these together can work wonders for the firm and escalate the customer engagement significantly."

POS + SAP Backend = Widened Scope of Product Selling!

The integration will ease out the workflow of pursuing the customers at the client's end.

Here are some of the salient features that the application will offer -

  • Ability to create a new, separate Sales Order which will be specifically for selling the Extended Warranty Package for the article that the customer might have purchased in the past
  • The POS application be able to generate cash and credit notes for return requests raise for the Extend Warranty Package return
  • The Extended Warranty Service Sales feature will also be added to the store level POS application wherein the users will be able to generate service orders using the same screen as that of the call centre agents with the similarity in the process up to the point of making payment.
  • The customer will be able to make payments at the store POS counter by cash, Knet, credit card or vouchers for the service
  • Any open Extended Warranty service order for which the invoicing has not been completed due to any reasons (failure of the payment link, any technical issues) can be searched over and the customer can be reached out to re-process the payments
  • The Service order cash sales for the Extended Warranty at the store level will be included in the daily cash batch report in SAP system
  • All the data of the Sales Transaction will be stored in the backend system using integration with SAP
  • The activity logs will be maintained and stored in with the Payment Portal Application and will require separate secure database access which will be done using MS-SQL
  • All processes will be synchronised on a real time basis

About Brainvire

Brainvire is a global IT solution provider with an expansive presence in over 14 countries since the past 18+ years! It has been a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge solutions using the latest technology. Its technological know-how includes, but is not limited to, Microsoft App Development, SharePoint Development, DevOps, CRM, etc.

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