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Advanced Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) Mobile App for Hospices

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About Client

Based in North Carolina, the client is a well-recognized name in the clinical healthcare industry. They operate one of the largest hospices in the region. In recent years, their prime focus has shifted towards managing costs and optimizing the clinical decision-making process. Thus, they approached Brainvire to develop an advanced Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) mobile app.

About Product

The mobile app was ideated to support the existing web-based PBM and help hospice employees in providing superior patient care. Account-wise access for hospice employees, a complete overview of patients, calculation of their day-wise costs, and claims management are the features of this app. Similar to the web version, the app complies with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards.

How we did it ?


Information on the go!

Hospice employees can access all patient-related data at their fingertips.

Complex Financial Calculations

The app accurately calculates the day-wise costs of patients for hospices.

HIPAA-compliant Solution

There is zero chance of a data breach as the app’s privacy policies comply with HIPAA standards.

Better Clinical Decision Making

Hospice employees can provide superior care to patients as they have all the information available 24/7.

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