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AI-Powered Hearing Ability Evaluator App crosses over 3 Million Downloads in a Month Since Launch


About Client

The client is a prominent name in audiology and provides state-of-the-art hearing aid solutions. Their team of specialists work closely to diagnose hearing loss and provide tailored solutions to suit the lifestyle of patients. They partnered with Brainvire to develop a sophisticated mobile that can test the hearing abilities of people and connect them with nearby audiologists instantly.

Product Idea

Brainvire’s team engaged in multiple brainstorming sessions with the client to understand the project requirements. The domain of hearing technology and the biological process of hearing are quite complicated. The developers studied all of these aspects in minute detail and ideated the mobile app. The native mobile app, powered by AI, helps the users to evaluate their hearing abilities under different simulated parameters. Factors like calibration, device and noise issues, etc. are taken care of by the application. The app uses Artificial Intelligence to diagnose hearing loss by analyzing the reports in detail. Moreover, users can send in their diagnostic reports to a nearby audiologist and schedule an appointment by filling out a simple form in the app.

How we did it ?


1 Million+ Consultations Done

The app has helped over 1 million users consult with an audiologist and seek medical advice on how to treat their hearing loss.

5 Million+ Accurate Evaluation of Hearing Abilities

Over 5 million users have had their hearing abilities tested using AI-based mobile application.

Over 3 Million App Downloads

The app has crossed the 3 million download mark on the App Store.

Generation of 20 Types of Tones With Noise Cancellation

The app can produce over 20 different types of non-linear tones and eliminates unwanted noise when the evaluation is in progress.

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