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Symfony 2
Payment Gateway

About Client

The Dubai-based client owns leading property solution platform that bridges a gap between landlords and tenants in an easier way. This platform allows users to find a suitable property in an affordable and in a genuine way. Users are given personalized choices and filters based on their requirements. Making information transparent, accessible, easy, and hassle-free for real estate space, this platform is suitable for property seekers and property owners.

Business Challenges

The client was seeking a real-estate platform that can connect property seekers and property owners with appropriate search functionalities. In order to integrate the different locations and matched preferences based on the user’s choice, the project involved a significant amount of research and suitable functions to be incorporated. The configuration of location-based search functions and all-inclusive communication features were marked as time-taking efforts to be added to the project.


In order to build one stop solution for tenant and property owners, Brainvire’s team has come up with the desired solution which includes location-based search functionality across different countries and suitable preference for users that must match user’s choice. Along with that, payment integration, customer support, communication platform, refined search functions are needed to be incorporated into web platform. Brainvire’s skillful developers have used advanced concept and location APIs to produced defined outcome.


  • Appropriate payment integration
  • Manage property information for multiple countries
  • Easy login and registration functionalities
  • Includes favorite property section for customers
  • Easy and refined search functionalities for properties
  • Location based search functions
  • Customer support maintenance
  • Newsletter for customers
  • Matched preference results for the tenant users
  • An entire management of communication via calls, chat, and SMS functions


  • Successfully developed feature-rich platform for property seekers and owners
  • Operates at multiple locations and provides location-based search
  • Emphasizing on property management web platform is being used by wide number of users
  • Fills a gap between tenant and owners in multiple countries with appropriate functions