Why Android Developers Should Prefer Android Studio Over Eclipse?

Android-powered gadgets such as tablets are loved by tech-savvy individuals. It makes mobile app development easy because of its open-source platform. Also, the app developers can publish their apps immediately without any hassle. Lots of developers are associating with mobile app development for the Android platform considering its incredible growth.

When we’re talking about Android – Eclipse and Android Studio always serve as the highlights. Why should you prefer Android Studio over Eclipse? It’s simple. The studio is specifically designed to accelerate the process of Android mobile app development.

If you’re looking for a stable IDE, you must always choose Android Studio. Eclipse is pretty much outdated with time. Besides, Eclipse is always considered as “Student-Project IDE” because it cannot compete with Studio.

To make things simpler for you to understand, here are a few areas which suggest why Android Studio is a better option.

Gradle Build System

  • Android Studio (AS) uses a highly integrated Gradle build system. It’s a great tool that offers dependency management.
  • It enhances the developer experience because it’s more extensible.
  • You must at least take a look at features of Gradle and try to see if it fits your project even if you choose Eclipse over AS.

Availability of Drag-and-Drop

Android Studio offers Graphical User Interface while Eclipse doesn’t. Sure, the feature drag-and-drop is not necessary for those coders who aren’t much concerned about their applications’ visual elements. But those developers who are concerned are required to have an in-depth knowledge of Visual Basic to be precise. The knowledge of Visual Basic helps developers to use drag-and-drop appropriately.

It’s a new feature in Android Studio, though, its absence in Eclipse doesn’t make a great deal.

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User Interface

The interface used in Eclipse is big. For the mobile developers who are using it for the first time, it becomes some sort of trouble.

However, such is not the case with Android Studio. The menu and tools used in Studio are prompt and can be used easily compared to their Eclipse counterparts.

You must also understand that as the AS is specifically built for Android, the user interface is quite smooth as compared to Eclipse which was built for all-purpose IDE.

Java Code Auto-Completion

Java code auto-completion is featured in both Eclipse and Android Studio. However, the code completion feature is discovered to be really better on Studio than Eclipse. At times, code completion in Eclipse gets a little perplexed and fails to provide precise solutions most of the time.

Considering the importance of code completion for a developer, Android Studio has been designed to offer precise solutions.

Stability of System

  • Eclipse is a larger IDE and a basic Java-based software as compared to Android Studio. It requires a considerably higher RAM space and CPU speed in order to function in a desirable manner.
  • Failure to get the desirable criteria in Eclipse results in a crash and becoming unresponsive.
  • Android Studio, on the other hand, arrives with lesser bugs. It offers a more stable performance than Eclipse.
  • The system requirement of Android Studio is lower than Eclipse.
  • Android Studio is an easy approach.

You might require 1 – 2 minutes for compiling the release version of Eclipse’s complex projects. However, the same project can be compiled within 30 seconds in Android Studio.

Arriving At the End

All the above points prove that Android Studio is absolutely one step ahead. Ever since its announcement in 2013, AS has been in the buzz because it nearly meets up all the expectations of developers.

Over 76.6 percent of smartphone giants like Samsung, LG, and HTC are using Android OS, at present. Android is soon expected to take a leap to laptops, smartwatches, and cars. Android holds an estimated US$2 billion net worth as it’s used by a majority of people across the world.

So if you’re planning to get a hold on mobile app development, Android is definitely the best choice. Also, preferring to go for Android Studio over Eclipse will certainly offer you the best in class experience.

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