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App Promotion: Important Things To Consider After Android Application Development

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Android based smartphones have captured the imagination of global users. Android Apps Development has today become the necessity of every organization. In today’s world of mobile applications where thousands of Android apps are developed each day, it is really difficult to make your app noticed in the Google Play Store. Well, promoting your app effectively can help you to get your app noticed. Let’s discuss the key techniques that will help you to promote your app globally.

Social Media Marketing of Android Apps

Android Application Development

It is evident that the number of people active on various social networking websites is increasing to a large extent. So, idea of marketing your app on such websites is pretty good if you really want your app to get popular and reach to millions of users across the globle in no time. Just start promoting your app on the social media two weeks prior to the launch of your app.

There are various ways you can do social media marketing on various social networking sites such as Facebook. Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest etc.

  • Writing and sharing a blog post about your app with few screen shots would be a great idea to bring excitement and curiosity among users.
  • Issue a press release and share it on few social networking sites.
  • Reading a blog would be boring sometimes, so make a promotional video about your app and post it on various social networking sites.

Mobile Website development

Important Things To Consider After Android Application Development

Develop a mobile website for your application and share the URL where you want to. The users can visit your website if they want more information about your app. Also, you can post the blogs and promotional videos of your app on your mobile website.

Ask feedback

Important Things To Consider After Android Application Development

You can ask the users for the feedback as well as ask them to review and rate the app. Taking feedback will be very helpful as you can avail direct advantage irrespective of the reviews you get. Also, you can check the negative reviews and try to improve the performance of your application. It is advisable to update that the errors will be fixed soon. The users download the app after reading the reviews of other users as they think reviews are more important than the app description. Certainly, the positive reviews will attract the users to use your app. Ask your users to rate your application as users believe other users more than they believe you.


Important Things To Consider After Android Application Development

Undoubtedly, advertising is the most effective way of promoting your app. You can advertise your app in television as well as huge banners on the streets. In addition to this, you can send emails to the users to advertise your app more effectively.

To conclude, the above mentioned points are some of the important techniques to effectively promote and advertise your Android app. Hope this will help you when you build your Android app and wish to promote it on a global platform. Contact Us for Android Apps Development and Marketing …!

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