The client is the owner of a printing service organization who aims to provide personalized print services to customers with versatile preferences. By teaming with Brainvire, they wanted to develop a product that can enhance the user experience and ensure photos personalization for the end-users.

Project Highlights

The application developed can be used to personalize photos for the users. From restoring old photographs to personalizing photos with comments, dates, and names, users can use this product for multiple functionalities. Even the admin of this product can customize the product to meet his marketing needs. These include monitoring the reports related to user registration and monthly purchase, tracking user invitation status, managing products, catalogs, and CMS pages, assigning discounts for customers, and so on.

The Challenges

  • Personalized user experience
    The client wanted an application with more user experience and personalized effect.
  • Featured interface
    The client required a printing service application rich with features.
  • Four different sections
    The client asked to build an interface that can be used for four different purpose-. administration, print, creative, and marketing.
  • Safe and scalable application
    The client wanted to design an app that is completely secure with highly scalable features.


  • Freeware version

    For desktop, we created an application using the freeware version.
  • Addition of different modules

    The application involves multiple modules, encouraging a wide range of end-users
  • Streamlining business processed

    Automated features in the admin section and eCommerce module have simplified the business process.
  • Fast and secure app

    The secure and scalable app version is capable of handling millions of users without slowing down.

Client Review

Patricia Walters

Patricia Walters

Founder and CEO - Creative LLC

They help us coordinate the right skill sets, teams, and activities in order to get the job done. They transferred our platform assets, such as our servers, workstations, and databases, into their managed cloud services environment.

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