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About product

The product is personalized photo application with anend to end individualized print service. From restoring old photographs to latest holiday pictures, this application has a diverse range of products that users can select to portray their experience.

Business Challenges

The client required a printing service application with more user experiences and preferences involved. The application should provide features which enable user topersonalize his/her photos before making a purchase. An application should also involve e-commerce features like order management, discount setting and online marketing functionality. Also, theclient needed an admin section with four types of sections like administrator, print, creative and marketing with different management and reportingfeatures for each. Further, client demanded a desktop software for photos personalization for end users which will be a freeware.


Within the span of 3 months, Brainvire team came up with the solution with sound PHP and Joomla framework incorporation. The integration with Virtuemart was the crucial part of the development phase. Web usability guidelines were strictly adhered to during the maintenance of existing and development of new features and the interface was easily navigable through the judicious use of AJAX, CSS and HTML controls. Search Engine Optimization activities were regularly resorted to with a view of ensuring high visibility for the site over the internet.


    • Fully functional printing service with personalized photo application
    • An appealing and user-friendly GUI
    • Effective product showcase design for diverse range of products
    • Newsletter functionality
    • Integration with payment gateways
    • Secure and scalable application
For users
    • End to end functionalities for purchase, order and payments
    • Photo Personalization with comments, dates and names
    • Integration with external plugin – Open inviter to invite other people.
    • Coupon redemption feature
    • Freeware desktop software for personalizing photos
For Admin
  • Four types of users- Administrator, Print, Creative and Marketing
  • Download printing directory and assign its service
  • Manage products, catalogue and CMS pages
  • Assign and upload discounts
  • Tracking of user invitation along with status
  • View reports for user registration, purchase month wise, product wise and so on.


  • The photo personalization feature along with different modules have resulted in the wide reach of users.
  • The freeware version for desktop has created an authenticity of the application.
  • Fully functional e-commerce module has simplified the business processes.
  • Administration with different section and strong features have automated the manual tasks significantly.
  • The application is capable of handling millions of users without slowing down.
  • The secure and scalable version has proved the worthiness of the application.