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Application for Personalizing Photos

Categories : All, Mobile and Wireless

Client Requirement


Application for Personalizing Photos app is an end-to-end individualized print service for its users. Its extended features such as
“Inviting Friends” make it a community site. From restoring old photographs to latest holiday pictures, this application has a diverse range of products the users can select to portray their experience. To add more essence to design, user can also personalize it with comments, dates and names on each page they are printing. Client‟s needs are discussed as follows:

  • Personalization through a desktop software component is available for free.
  • Need for user-specific access to the website. Four user roles in the administration part were required: Administrator, Print, Creative and Marketing which includes features like download the printing files from the order Directory, Manage Product and CMS Pages, View Reports, Upload Discount Codes, Assign Discount Codes and Manage Catalog.
  • Development of E-commerce module which can be used by users to purchase, place orders, and make payments.
  • Facility of sending news letters or product information to the users.
  • Availability of reports online such as User Registration, Orders, Purchases Made, Total Purchase in Month, Product-wise Reports and many more.
  • Use of an external plug-in called Open-inviter to allow registered users to invite his/her friend or family members to application. Also, allows tracking of the user‟s past invitation along -with their status.
  • Facilitates user to enter the coupon or discount code while placing the order based on which the discount would be calculated.

Project Challenges

Team faced the following challenges:
  • Estimation was not well analyzed. The project was to be started on Joomla framework however; Joomla doesn’t allow great deal of e-commerce customizations in terms of integrating with the 3rd party. Therefore, it was decided to switch to Joomla which ensured efficient development but change in estimation at the last moment.
  • There was a problem in bending client on certain functionality which lead to incorporation of further changes and delayed the project by 30 days.

Technologies Used

Operating System & Server Management Linux OS, Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Production Environment through Version Controlling releases, Server Optimization, Security & SSL Implementation, Scheduler for Back-ups, Alert Monitoring System Integration, Server Performance Tuning at regular intervals, Software Firewall Configuration & Maintenance
Development Tools & Environments PHP5+, Apache Web Server, Joomla 1.5, Virtuemart, AJAX, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3 etc.
Database MYSQL Database Server, DB Clustering, DB Optimization, Master Slave Replication, Query Optimization, Scheduler for Backups


Project Leader 1
Developers 2


The step-wise planning was incorporated to get successful results for this enormous website with massive features. The planning is divided into ‘phases’ for clear and concise understanding as follows:

    Phase 1: Gathering & Analysis—Understanding existing application and new requirements.

    Phase 2: Development Server Setup—Development server setup was done with proper installation of the required software.

    Phase 3: Web Application—Created a administration.

    Phase 4: Integration with Virtue Mart —Integrated e-commerce customized web part and deployed to the web application.


Design part was successful through PHP and MySQL through which direct execution from the UI layer was possible. Effective access to the database in an object oriented context was implemented using an interface translating the object logic to the relational logic so as to communicate with the relational databases in an object-oriented manner. Access to the database was enabled through the creation of an intermediary abstraction layer. Only the complex retrieval of data from multiple tables was facilitated through stored procedures and every where else conditional syntax was implemented to ensure seamless performance of the website.

Images, applications and data were called from their respective servers keeping the UI layer free of any business logic and scalability was guaranteed by implementing sub-domains for various areas of the website. Joomla framework helped customizing part of e -commerce integration with the 3rd party.

Development Highlights

The site architecture enabled the „Faster to Market‟ transition which is highly essential for social networks. It involved all the major complex queries and a simple but extensive User Interface for admin to drill down and track the details of each user effectively. Optimized query features offered comprehensive search & browse options. Web usability guidelines were strictly adhered to during the maintenance of existing and development of new features and the interface was easily navigable through the judicious use of AJAX, CSS and HTML controls. Search Engine Optimization activities were regularly resorted to with a view of ensuring high visibility for the site over the internet. The application was fully functional in the time span of 3 months.

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