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Artificial Intelligence powered Personalized System for a Leading Provider of Security Solutions


About Client

A leading security solution provider from San Francisco wanted an AI-based personalized system that can show the buyers a list of security products that are customized to their requirements by analyzing the answers that they provided.

About Product

Seeing the current scenario, the client wanted Brainvire to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide the users with a personalized product listing based solely on their requirements. This chatbot approach can reform the normal e-commerce experience to another level. Even the vendors will be able to get insights about the number of visitors checking out the website so that they can gauge the sales. A list of products along with the vendor’s contact information will be displayed to the user once they answer the questions.

How we did it ?


Got a huge success rate for the question-based experience to get a personalized product listing

Successful implementation of the personalized system that gave us the success ratio of 300% more than the industrial average with the help of AI.

Brainvire’s AI recommendation system analyzed answers 95% accurate to interpret the requirements completely

Brainvire techies used the powerful Artificial Intelligence engine to fuel the personalized system with the precise and correct analysis to display the security products. And achieved an accuracy of 95% according to customer feedback.

Inventory and Catalog was arranged to get more business as per the data

The inventory and catalog were arranged in such a way that the products will be displayed as a result of the analysis of the customer data done by the AI engine and Machine Learning.

Vendors received more sell and for the key insights of user’s need precisely

Using the personalized system, the vendors sold more items than any other platform and in return, received the information about what customers are actually looking for in the market, helping them in making necessary changes in strategies.

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