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Augmented Reality App Skyrocketed Furniture Business Revenues to 67%


About Client

The client owns a quite big furniture business in the USA and has the strong ecommerce presence on the globe. When the world is transforming at a rapid rate, how can a furniture business stay behind! To capture the customers’ engagement one hundred percent, they come up with various solutions towards providing personalized experiences to the customers. Brainvire was approached to create an Augmented Reality driven application where a customer can seamlessly visualize their living room and get the feel at one’s home by utilizing the available assets via the application. To stay ahead in the competition, big brands come up with exclusivity solutions to gain more customers

About Product

Brainvire created an entirely unique furniture showcase mobile app that transformed the furniture shopping experience totally. This AR-driven app empowers the customer to virtually visualize their home premise before making a purchase. Setting up the 3D view of the room allows the customer to have a live experience of the own premise. The application displays the look & fill with the selected furniture in the 3D sight. The customers will have a perfect idea about how their potential buys would look in their premise.

The application is also equipped with multiple object rendering and 360-degree rotation through the touchscreen. This means that the customer can take a walk around the object and view it from different angles. Plus, the customer can select more than one furniture products to have a feel of an overall room décor. Furthermore, the customer can rotate the furniture object anywhere in the room with touchscreen functionality. In addition to that, the customer can move out of the room in reality and have a perfect Ariel view to determining the furniture choices.

How we did it ?


Personalized Shopping Experience To Customers

No more boring furniture showcase, direct furniture showcase in a living room

78% Boost To Customer Engagement

Rich AR Driven shopping experience engaged the customers on the quite higher scale.

Increased Purchase Chances

Happy with the product showcase, the likely chances of purchase increased significantly

Revenues Rose To 67% Than Before

Personalized shopping experience drove the revenues to 67% more

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