5 Benefits of .NET Core for Enterprise App Development

Enterprise applications have attracted the attention of business leaders and continue to do so. These are large multi-user, multi-developer and multi-component applications that can work on large chunks of data and utilize extensive parallel processing, distributed resources, and complex logic.

The development of enterprise applications is a complex process that has specific requirements depending on the app’s purpose. ASP.NET Core remains the most viable option to code enterprise applications. It is a high performance, a cross-platform open-source framework used for building high-performance web and mobile apps. 

I will shed light on five important benefits of using Dot NET Core for the development of enterprise applications. Let’s explore them one by one in detail.

Better Performance

ASP.NET Core delivers a higher performance when compared to other platforms because its code gets optimized automatically whenever any new upgrades and enhancements are released. Moreover, you don’t need to do any of the work to change your code. The compiler in Dot NET Core will automatically optimize the code for you once it is re-compiled in the system.

Take a look at the graph below and you will understand where Dot NET Core stands in terms of performance.

Source: CodingInfinite Blog

Less Coding

Dot NET is well-known for using lesser codes as compared to other frameworks.  Hence, programmers don’t need to spend much time on the development process. Lesser time means a lower cost of development and makes ASP.NET Core an affordable choice for developing enterprise applications. There are many open-source Dot NET Core libraries that developers can use to their advantage.

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Better Support for Cloud-Based Development

Cloud services guarantee security and scalability for enterprise applications and also boost their overall performance. ASP.NET Core or sharepoint development is the best suited for cloud deployments. The framework has been designed to take full advantage of accessing the Cloud and your applications will perform well.

Cross-Platform Performance

One of the main reasons for using Dot NET Core is that you can run it on multiple platforms and architectures. So you can build an enterprise app that will run on Windows, but also on Linux, macOS and on different architectures like x86 and ARM. This is perfect for lots of scenarios, including desktop applications.

Easy to Maintain

The simplicity of Dot NET Core is well-known in the tech circle. Due to the reduced number of codes, it is easy for developers to maintain the enterprise applications and resolve the bugs as and when they creep up. The same, optimized code can be used on different platforms.

Summing it Up

Dot NET Core is the best option for developing an enterprise application. The major benefits are cross-platform development, speed to publication, and affordability. Getting in touch with a leading Dot NET Development Company will simplify things for you. Good luck!