Angular Mobile Development – Things to Remember While Developing an AngularJS Application

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  • Published On September 25, 2015

  • Updated On June 11, 2024

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Angularjs Development is the practice of using the AngularJS JavaScript framework in the development of dynamic mobile applications. Today, AngularJS is the most preferred JavaScript framework for mobile application development. The reason for this is the list of exclusive features the framework supports for better and rapid application development. This includes data binding, dependency injection, enterprise-level testing, ease of use, less coding required, declarative user interface, filter flexibility and many more. A developer should be able to use this JS framework in the best possible way with the right practices in order to yield the best possible solution for the needs of AngularJS mobile development of the client. This blog highlights a few tips or the best practices to keep in mind while developing an Angular mobile application. Let us now see what they are.

Angular Mobile Development

Define the Structure of Your Application:

It’s always a good practice to learn about the structure of the application to be developed. You should have the knowledge of files you would need in the development process and better to organize them in a neat hierarchical structure. Defining the structure is quite easy. This can be done using angular-seed which provides a skeleton of the structure of the angular application. Filling this as per your needs will help you define a clear structure for your angular mobile development. Click here for Access angular seed.

AngularJS Dependency Injector:

Angular dependency injector is a powerful feature which when used properly can reap good benefits. The best use of this feature comes when we have to test our application and hence need to write tests for it. The injector is in charge of creating components, providing components as required and resolving the dependencies among them. Hence, for example, if we consider that in a component we create, we require other components, then the dependencies among these components will be resolved by the injector. Then consider writing a test for the application, here we can just create the same components but with the dependencies set by us and hence, we can easily unit test our application and with better coverage.

Object Scope:

One should follow the simple rules of defining the object scope which will helps you in Hire AngularJS mobile developer for that. Scope of objects in the controllers is always write-only while it is read-only in the templates. One should take care not to define properties in the scope but object.

Defining the Modules:

Modules are the containers that hold up some part of the application and help in structuring or organizing our application. You need to define or use the modules wisely in a mean stack application in order to avoid complexities at further stages of the development process. For example, it is always a good practice to define separate modules for different things like services, controllers, etc., in an application. But, in many cases, it is seen that defining them in a single module would be much better specifically when there are inter-dependencies. So, it all depends on the nature of your application and its requirements.

One thing one needs to remember that all the practices used in application development are usually subject to and may vary according to the type of application he/she is developing. Business requirements and scope of the project are yet other important factors ruling the practices one should implement during angular development. However, considering the above-mentioned tips keeping in mind the business needs and scope of the project to be developed can lead to efficient angular mobile development.

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