Applications of Node.js – When and where is it used?


Today, JavaScript is widely popular as the client-side technology. The best application of JavaScript is on web pages. It is JavaScript that makes a web page interactive and improves user experiences with it by converting it from a boring static page to an interactive dynamic one.

Applications of Node.js - When and where isit used?
The popularity of JavaScript has also multiplied the demand of several efficient JavaScript based frameworks and technologies, Node.JS being one of them. Node.JS is growing really fast and is getting rapidly adopted by the world around because of its invaluable features. The vast supporting ecosystem of modules, lightweight workflow, and extreme flexibility are a few of them. Netflix, Walmart, Groupon, and PayPal are a few reputed brands that have early adopted Node.js website development to add innovation to their specific areas of business for improved functioning.

A quick response along with stability and security

Node.js application development is a good idea to implement when you need to build full-stack web application that can quickly respond to any sort of changes but should also be stable as well as secure. For instance, say you need an application that responds quickly to urgent software requirements of your business while maintaining its legacy software system that does not change often.

Handle large volumes of data

Node.js can be a reliable option for enterprise applications that need to handle large volumes of data. With Node.js, one can build lightweight and efficient applications with reusable RESTful APIs which can flawlessly connect with the backend of the enterprise software system and handle large data efficiently. Node.js implementation through RESTful APIs is the most reliable way to build large-scale software systems with huge data management needs.

Long Polling

Node.js works simply well for the implementation of a long-polling mechanism where a persistent connection is required to be maintained from the browser back to the server. Here the application requires to keep a constant connection with the server to receive and provide to the users the real-time updates to the users. Long polling on Node.js would not put a load on the server as with Ruby on Rails or with Django because with Node implementation it would not require maintaining a separate thread for each client process as needed with the other technologies. Node.js would consume no system resources to serve to a number of clients and hence, is a great option for implementation of the long polling process.

Two-way communication

Node.js is a great tool for the exchange of data between client and server. It can initiate hassle-free communication between both the entities and help the applications to get information from the server easily. Hence, Node.js development Company is preferred when building data-driven applications for enterprises.

Hence, Node.js is a great tool for enterprise applications that need to handle huge data or need to be executed at lightning speed. It is widely adopted by enterprises for the execution of the real-time data-driven applications, chat applications and for establishing concurrent connections in applications.

Wrapping up…

Node.js is a highly reliable technology best applicable to mission-critical or enterprise environments. Its impressive features are very helpful in handling the complications in modern web applications and thus can greatly benefit the organizations with increased productivity. Contact Brainvire to Hire Node.js Developer.

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