Key Benefits Of Using Laravel Framework

Talking About Key Benefits Of Using Laravel Framework , Laravel, the popular PHP Framework, is proving to be substantially better to its peers in the development of websites and web page applications. While there are a lot of reasons behind Laravel being tremendously popular among developers as well as business owners looking for PHP development solutions, I’d like to discuss some of the most key ones.

Get Amazing Layouts

Access Data Faster from Any Database

Reduce Manual Efforts and Costs to Business

Secured Web Application

Key Benefits Of Using Laravel Framework

  1. Amazing Layouts: ‘Template Engine’ is the feature that provides amazing web layouts for any kind of web application project based on the popular PHP framework, Laravel.Blade is a simple templating engine for Laravel. Blade templates use the .blade.php file extension. If a developer implements Blade with PHP, then he can organize the view file in a hierarchical and logical way, get the code completed using fewer characters and re-use or split the templates as per the requirements and that too in a cleaner way! From the business perspective, you are getting customizable and a clean layout and in case if you want to change the design later, a novice front-end developer can also change the appearance of your web page easily without any hassle. That means it is cost effective too!
  2. Reduce Manual Effort & Cost: With the help of Artisan, a built-in tool of Laravel, manual efforts such as doing repetitive programming tasks are reduced for developers. If you want to start a Laravel project or enable caching mechanism then this command line tool will help you to perform those tiresome programming tasks efficiently. This feature not only reduced development time for developers but also, from the standpoint of a business, this directly reduces the costs the business has to bear for the PHP development solutions they may be looking for.
  3. Faster Access To The Database: Eloquent ORM is Laravel’s built-in ORM implementation feature. This object-relational mapper is used to interact with relational databases. As it is a complete package on its own, so a developer can use it inside Laravel or outside Laravel. Is not that amazing? Also, ORM is the fastest among all PHP frameworks! So it will definitely reduce the data fetching time from any database when a customer comes on the business webpage.
  4. Security: Keeping in mind the security issue, sometimes developers end up building a complex website that is not user-friendly. Laravel handles this security issue within its own framework. Laravel never saves password on plain text, rather it uses “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to generate an encrypted password. Moreover, Laravel uses predefined SQL to stay far from injection attacks! Laravel protects a web application from any cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery. If you are trying to develop a website where a transaction takes place or data security is a priority, then you can definitely trust Laravel.

Talking About Key Benefits Of Using Laravel Framework , From the developer’s point of view, one can test the web application on the Laravel platform to avoid any unexpected breakdowns and known failures even if any new changes are made. Laravel uses a programmer-oriented testing framework PHPUnit testing that can be utilized using the command line and test cases also can be changed later as per the business requirement.

And as I mentioned before, these were some of the most important benefits in my opinion. However, there definitely are other benefits too that may be more significant to a particular business based on their vertical and PHP needs. For example, Laravel Flysystem integration provides drivers to work with local filesystems, Amazon S3 and cloud-based platforms. With the latest version of Laravel (Laravel 5.6), users can take advantages of an improved logging system & eloquent date formatting, single-server task scheduling, Argon2 password hashing support, dynamic rate limiting, broadcast channel classes and on top of that, all front-end scaffolding are now powered by Bootstrap 4.

Prominent Use-Cases of Laravel

Although I wanted to largely focus on the advantages of Laravel, I feel it would be relevant here to provide some examples of successful implementation of the Laravel framework since many reputable companies are already using the versatile Laravel framework and implementing Laravel into their web applications. Our expert programmers developed a mobile application for a client who provides dry cleaning services to make the ordering process easy for their customers. Not only this, but our team also developed a full-fledged medical alert system for senior citizens so that they can avail the emergency service with just one click and the project count is increasing because of the popular combination of Brainvire professionals and Laravel framework.

Talking About Key Benefits Of Using Laravel Framework , With the release of its stable versions, classic architecture and multiple useful features- Laravel framework is becoming popular among developers. Be it just a basic authentication, improving website performance or form validation- whatever is the business requirement, we have the solutions for that. If you are planning to develop a cost-effective and scalable web application then, with the right tools & concept our developers will successfully build it using Laravel, a highly preferred framework in no time! If you want to know more about such use cases then you can contact us at to develop PHP based application and stay on top of the evolving world of PHP development.

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